Victory as a Business Secretary Means Rising Above Difficulty through Resilience

Posted by Green Field Search on July 2nd, 2021

A vital component in the role of company secretaries is acquiring the means to carry out an array of duties, sometimes simultaneously, without planning in advance. Additionally, reserving judgment about what you are asked to do is also key, and has which has shown to be the reality for most secretaries since the start of the pandemic. Helen Hardy, the winner of Origin Energy’s Company Secretary of the Year Award for 2020, believes these characteristics to be a necessary part of a secretary’s role in the business world. Hardy declared this and other insights during her Lawyer’s Weekly interview.

Hardy claimed that there is not a cookie-cutter approach to a secretary’s job because every company does not have the same perspective on what the secretary’s job might entail. Because of this, Hardy proclaims, she has always made it part of her job to form a professional bond with other secretaries within the business world, including alliances with business organizations such as AICD and Governance Institute. Hardy believes this has given her ideas about the role of a secretary from the outside looking in and kept her perspective on her role fresh and positive.

In addition, Hardy reminds us that peers and business organizations are there for support because they are aware of the workload that a secretary must take on and ways that it can be reduced significantly, even by half with the right resources. Hardy states that therefore she has always understood the significance of networking even more during the pandemic. She contends that “most of us were isolated at home…having that community of support…has been invaluable.”

A broad array of businesses has developed an even more cognizant of the role of company secretaries as the pandemic has played itself out over the past year. It has become clear to many that the secretaries are key to ensuring that lines of communication among managers and subordinates are smooth and remain persistent all while answering a multitude of professional needs in a timely and organized manner that come in daily and even by the hour. The pandemic also has brought with it additional secretarial responsibilities to oversee safety procedures and protocols to keep the business affairs running daily.

Helen Hardy is an example of only one of the many secretarial experts who were given the task of having to reinvent most of the major activities of a secretary. Hardy said that having the courage to do things the right way and to deter the wrong activities from being discharged is also a big part of the secretary’s role and communicating concerns to senior management.

A calmer reaction to the pandemic is now taking place in Australia, which has brought about a more current view of the role of company secretaries as the basis for a business’s sound decisions and positive collaboration.

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