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Posted by articlelink01 on February 5th, 2016

One of the fascinating terrestrial creatures that possess the superhuman strength according to the size, are the ants. These minuscule insects have been the object of inspection & research for a long time, since they’ve over 4000 species all over the earth. With the evolution of the instant gratification, there have been several daunting moments of introspection by the parents when they actually decide what gift they can purchase for their younglings, which would be both fascinating & educational. Ant farms are a unique gift that would keep the kids engaged with their amazement & would encourage them to look up & get a practical experience of the things scribbled in their books.

Since the ant farms are as fascinating as the toy blocks, they provide hour long educational programs & entertainment. Ants are famous for their organized colonial lifestyle, and this can be duly noted by watching them tunnelling through the soft sand, building & stacking their nets with food & provision, nesting for the young ones & nurturing to the needs of the queen ant. The scurrying intricate labyrinth is one of the fascinating things to be observed while you’re gorging in your mini ant farm. In the recent times, the demand for ant farms as a part of educational entertainment package has skyrocketed which has usurped the ant farms for sale kits in various online websites, which would help you to design & maintain your personalized ant farm. Here are some of the things you need to know while making a marketable customized ant farm, which are as follows:

  • The initial stage for establishing any ant farm is to obtain a very flat-line based container – preferably a slimmer version of any aquarium, which has minimal breadth, which will facilitate the ants to borrow near the outer edges, allowing you to see their nesting progress.
  • The second stage is crucial as it determines the tunnelling capacity of the ants. And for this, the soil mixture must be prepared in such a fashion which would be loose enough to allow them their translocation, yet moist enough to prevent the rapid crumbling. Mixing 2 part of garden soil with 1 part of sand would be effective enough to make such a texture, which now is stacked inside the glass jar or aquarium.
  • Now either you can purchase live ants for ant farms from different breeding houses that breeds superior variety of ants targeted to be kept in arm farms or you can dig up an anthill & collect some of the ants for your unique ecosystem. Try to keep it safe by not collecting any fire ants or bullet ants. Choosing the basic brown ants or the red ants in ample quantity would be sufficed.
  • Purchased ants come in a big set, including a queen ant for a nesting colony since the workers are all sterile. Without a queen ant, an ant colony wouldn’t thrive for more than 3-4 weeks, so it’s best to purchase ants rather than digging up an anthill.
  • Make some tiny air compartments on the top of the lid so that they can breathe & drop few drops of jam, honey or sugar for their nutrition. This would enhance the reproductive ecosystem & you’ll see them digging in no time.

If you’re keenly interested in initiating your personalized ant farm, you can always check for the websites where they market Ant farms for sale kits which include the soil, some specimens of live ants, the nutrition requirements, and the soil or the gel through which they’re supposed to tunnel down. Or you can purchase some Live ants for ant farm directly from the breeding stores & make your own unique colony.

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