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Posted by Kylieclark12 on February 6th, 2016

The ever-increasing popularity of bit torrent sites has greatly affected the way of the digital world and the ease of access to information. In particular, movies, games, digital books and software downloading has become a day-to-day routine, and in a way, just as important as having to sit down every day for lunch. This exponential increase in data is well met by the creation of newer and newer bit torrent sites but unfortunately for bit torrent users, the legal consequences of obtaining such data are slowly catching up as well. Many countries like the UK, The Netherlands, United States, and so on, have placed strict laws that block these particular sites offering free and unlimited access to popular and trending downloads.

In the UK alone, hundreds of torrent sites and proxy sites are taken down each day because they are created each day, just as fast; if not faster. In schools of higher standards, the same concept applies; students are not even allowed to google torrent sites, let alone access them. But being prohibited to visit sites like Kick Ass Torrents or the formerly popular Pirate Bay is not only an unfortunate thing, but it further prompts the creation of newer proxies that aim to provide the exact opposite. A kickass proxy is simply a way to work around the system by being redirected to a mirror image of the famous website. But searching for a Kickass Proxy can become a hassle after a few minutes as newer ones are continually shut down by the government. Googling ‘Kickass Proxy’ brings the user to hundreds of page results, while most of them are either inefficient in providing good proxy speeds or they do not work at all. The answer to making the search for a Kickass Proxy is the TorrentMirror site, which provides constantly updated information regarding newer proxies, as well as informs the user of other workarounds.

Upon visiting the site, any user is prompted to clicking the Learn More button which takes you to choosing between three methods of unblocking the torrent giant KAT: Mirror Links, VPN, and Proxy. Starting with mirror links, the user is redirected to an extremely useful database that redirect not only to Kick Ass Torrents but a multiplex of other bit torrent sites you may not even have heard of. Torrentz, PirateBay and IsoHunt are one of the few popular sites listed there, but there’s a lot more. Each user can choose their favorite bit torrent site and another box comes up with numerous mirror links. This way, finding a Kat proxy becomes both easy and less time- consuming. Another way to find a Kat proxy is by using a paid proxy server which all in all is not a bad choice; especially considering the disadvantage in the bandwidth of free mirror links and proxies. Moreover, users can find a kat proxy even by purchasing a VPN which in my personal opinion is the safest way as it protects both your information stream and keeps you anonymous, and the site staff have already offered one of the cheapest VPN provides PrivateInternetAccess that’s widely used among web surfers. Overall, the site is a very helpful tool in reaching those dark corners of the internet that the government does not want you to, and furthermore as a giving user you can learn how to contribute to the site by simply clicking the How To Help button. Let’s all gather in providing each other with the best solutions toward unlimited downloads; five minutes of your time may save up hundreds of hours for other users.

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