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Tranquilizers and calmatives will prevent your body from restoring its feel good hormones. Unlike pick-me-ups which can be taken in modest amounts without harm, put-me-downs should be avoided altogether.


By reducing your stress load, stabilizing your blood sugar, improving your diet, avoiding allergies and getting more exercises, you will find that you wouldn?t want tranquilizers and calmatives. Even then the withdrawal symptoms from these drugs especially those of the valium family are very unpleasant. The major withdrawal symptom is the inability to sleep and vivid disturbing dreams. If you try to stop them on your own you may experience sleeplessness that is worse than ever. If you have done all the preceding and still have the symptoms of over stress, then it is time to visit your doctor.


Overstress that you cannot clear up by yourself maybe the hidden signs of thyroid disease, calcium imbalance, anemia, diabetes, manic depression, liver disease, kidney malfunction, and vitamin and hormone deficiency.

These are examples of physical illnesses that you might not be aware of ? but which causes overstress for your body.


Your doctor should do a thorough history and a complete physical examination, including tests on blood and urine. The automated blood machine can do a complete blood count as well as measure your thyroid function, liver enzymes, kidney function, calcium and phosphorus, iron and blood sugar for a very reasonable price.

You should also visit a professional counselor who can be of great help incase you have become addicted to your pick-me-ups. It is often possible for a councilor to pin point stressors which you may have over looked. Councilors can help you handle general life?s problems in a way that is less stressful. You should specifically seek council in cognitive therapy, assertiveness training, prayer, meditation and self-relaxation.




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