Benefits of Dog Bed Memory Foam

Posted by johnpreston on February 7th, 2016

The dog bed memory foam is nothing new as it’s been available for some time, but the latest models have more varied designs including those that resemble sofas, the shredded type, mattresses with bolsters and so on. These used to be looked upon as novelty items or something only the wealthy can afford, but that’s no longer the case as their benefits are better known.
What are Your Options?

If you do an online search you’re going to find a lot of beds made especially for dogs, like an organic memory foam mattress which should provide him with a comfortable place to rest and sleep. There are also basic types like the shredded ones which consist of shredded memory foam or comprised of a single layer. While these are   the lower end types, they’re much better compared to the standard bed for dogs that have very little padding. Worse, those are made from low quality materials and won’t last long.
It’s true that mattresses made with memory foam is going to cost a bit more than a typical bed, but it’s going to last longer so there’s no need for you to buy a replacement anytime soon. If you want to invest in a bed that’s going to last and keep your pet happy, those with memory foam will be a good choice.
Bed Size and Support

Your dog’s bed should be large enough to let him fully stretch (even if he likes to curl up), and there must be sufficient support: if your dog belongs to a large breed you cannot settle for a low quality bed as it’s just not going to last. For instance, memory foam beds with small pieces or chunks may be good for some dogs because the air buildup between the pieces can provide some degree of comfort.

However that type might not be sufficient for a large dog because over time, the foam clumps up and won’t be able to provide the amount of support he needs. However this type ought to do for a small dog, as will a mattress with thin foam.

An orthopedic dog bed will be perfect if you have an older dog who isn’t as mobile as he used to be, while for large dogs, a double layer bed will be more appropriate. The thickness varies so get one that suits your pet, and that’s usually around 3 to 6 inches.

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