Is an Extra Firm Mattress Good For Your Dog?

Posted by johnpreston on February 7th, 2016

If you check out dog beds online you’re going to find that extra firm mattress products are very much in demand, but the question is does your dog need one? Chances are he does, because while soft mattresses are nice, your pet will benefit from a bed that offers a certain level of firmness so he doesn’t sink in.
What Type of Bed Does My Dog Need?

No two dogs are ever alike and the type of bed you buy should depend on his personality and sleeping habits. Does your dog like to lay back or is he the type that moves around a lot? Other factors like size, color and style have to be accounted for, but the good news is there’s no shortage of design options that will match your taste and aesthetic sense.
But apart from the design aesthetics, these beds, like memory foam pillows, are versatile and should provide just the right level of support for your pet. A firm bed for instance, will ensure your pet’s body won’t sag, and both firm and orthopedic mattresses have been designed to alleviate joint pain. Just like humans, dogs do get old and experience pain in their joints, and a comfy bed will help.
Making Your Pet Comfortable

One of the most common misconceptions about dog mattresses and beds is that the softer the bed the better. However that’s not always the case because as has been pointed out here, some dogs will benefit from extra firm mattresses or beds. Aside from older dogs, those who are recovering from an injury will benefit from a stable bed.
There are also studies which indicate that beds play an important role in their growth, so if you’ve got a young pup, he’s going to benefit from sleeping or resting on a firm bed.
In other words, keeping your pet comfortable involves more than just buying the softest mattress available. In addition you also have to consider the insulation: he has a fur coat yes, but when it’s cold it may not be enough to keep him warm. If it gets very cold in your home during the winter, look for a raised bed or one that’s been designed specifically to keep your pet warm.
You will also see that waterproof dog bed and mattresses are now available, and depending on your pet’s personality this may or may not be suitable. Whatever the case may be, you have a choice.

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