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Posted by Samantha Davis on February 7th, 2016

No reaction, no fear, and to our surprise an opposite effect of laughter whenever one’s head is bashed in or a zombie chews your face. But why is this reaction so common not only for the younger generation, but often for the average horror games addict? The reality is that scary horror games are simply hard to find, and even harder are Pc Horror Games; I am not talking about the 10MB sized ones that are found online but actual horror games with a plot, a storyline, or perhaps a character customization stage to make you cringe as your animated doppelganger gets slashed by a scythe…or something.

Often enough, part of the reason why gamers that play horror games don’t get the reaction they crave for is that the games simply aren’t scary games. We are so used to blood and gore in games, movies, and everything else, to the extent that decapitating a zombie is simply not scary anymore. Another part of the reason is that gamers who enjoy actual PC horror games have a hard time finding that sweet spot between blood and the psychologically traumatizing effects that make a scary horror game. Fortunately, there are numerous websites that provide rankings of horror games and ScaredToPlay in particular stands out for its credible rankings also based on many of its viewers and users.

ScaredToPlay is a database that offers its users reliable, peer reviewed suggestions to various scary horror games. Whether you are looking for PC horror games or ones played in the console, ScaredToPlay provides it and it does so with finesse. As if horror games weren't enough, ScaredToPlay makes sure the visitor feels uneasy with the attractive yet scary-looking site design. The horror appeal is further dominant in the forums section where lovers of horror games can gather and share their experience in what they pick as their favorite scary horror games.

I’ll admit I am not the best horror games player and it’s because the games have a certain special approach that makes me feel much closer to the reality of the game than anything else. Unfortunately for me, the site makes me feel even more uneasy when searching for games, and here’s why. Besides the sorting of the games by release date, title, scary meter, jumpscare meter and metacritic rating, I am baffled at the preferences option. When I come across a horror movie and something jumps at me, my first reaction is to yell angrily, and it has happened to me once or twice. Now, for games, it gets even worse because I simply get mad at the fact I jumped and I end up punching or throwing my laptop. What ScaredToPlay is basically asking me with the preferences is “How bad do you want to punch your laptop from 1 to 10?”, one being a slight crack and ten being punching my fist through and making sure I at least get a terrible laceration that needs immediate medical attention. It’s actually really genius and awesome to be able to choose how much exactly do you want to jumpscare or just simply be scared and ScaredToPlay provides that in a beautiful way. Xbox One Scary Games

Moreover, lovers of scary horror games can follow recent news on PC horror games and other scary games coming out on different consoles, and they can even search for particular game titles, news, forum topics, and so on. I wish porn sites were this thoughtful. But there’s slightly more: users can also check out the home page for the top 5 PC horror games, console horror games, scary horror games, as well as recently added ones. Everything from A to Z is in there, including score points ranging from 1 to 100 in rating games based on jump, scary, and the metacritic rating. I gotta hand it to you ScaredToPlay, I now am really scared to play.

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