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Meat supply chain blockchain – a robust technology powering up the meat supply chain business operations’

The production of meat is widespread all across the globe since we people love to eat meat and meat products on a large scale. With the consistently rising demand for the meat products, the market for the meat supply chains has grown up to the mark in the industry in the recent times. This trend has emphasized the need for having safety and quality assurance, end-to-endtraceability and transparency with the meat products being sold out in the market. Simultaneously as the demand grows, the cost of the meat products keep on increasing every single day.

As a result, the customers are increasingly going out for searching the details of the product flow in the supply chain cycle right from the origin to the table before buying and consuming them. Here is where the technology blockchain for meat industry comes in to provide the users with the end-to-end transparency, traceability, safety, quality and provenance that they actually look for. Of course, the customers nowadays think that they deserve for all these traits to be found in any meat product they buy and consume.

Meat supply chain blockchain has come out as the best technology solution to address all the complexities concerning the meat supply chains thus working right away in bringing a better customer satisfaction and experience by meeting all the demands put forth by the end users. Conventional supply chain models are found to lag at this point as they don’t have the enough stuff in fulfilling all the customer requirements and demands. They need to get renovated yet in a lot of ways so as to meet those industry and customer needs and which could be made possible with the integration of potential technologies like blockchain.

Blockchain for meat industry stands out in every arena of the meat supply chains today in carrying out the best results ever. By the way, we can come to know about the value that it holds over the supply chain execution and management strategies.

Come let us explore the same in this blog further…

What are the major challenges with the product (meat) supply chains?

· Product counterfeiting: Counterfeiting is observed to be one of the most common challenges of the supply chain industry as of now. Because there might be a lot of chances for the products to get mislabeled while packing them and sending for final supply to the consumers’ side. This may be done either for the sake of taking advantage over the premium quality products available in the market.

This means that some retailers mark certain low-quality products falsely as the quality-rich ones in order to exaggerate their quality among the consumers. They believe that doing this would help them acquire more profit in no time. Such an unethical procedure of product mislabeling is what actually the counterfeiting challenge that todays’ supply chain businesses have been going through a lot.

· Regulatory restrictions: With respect to the rising regulatory constraints raised consistently from the governmental side, the product supply chain stakeholders find it difficult to make trades smoothly in the market. This impacts the product quality as well since there comes an uncertainty in the product flow across the supply chain cycle. Such an uncertainty affects the food quality and safety thus resulting in the loss of consumer trust.

An ideal product is the one that has gone through all the regulatory demands of the industry successfully in no time. Maintaining a good regulatory standard will help us keep the quality of the products stay on top. Also, it seems to be the best way ever in making the products move to the international market with ease. Hence compliance to the necessary or basic regulatory regimes is very much essential for an effective supply chain management.

· Supply chain complexities: Product supply chains in general are complex in nature with a lot of phases involved right from production and supply to the table. Any product to be demonstrated for end consumption must cross a variety of stakeholders in a complex supply chain network so as to get done with the desired final product. Hence there seems to be a variety of complexities coming up the way and which are undeniable and reluctant to handle.

Yet, we have some powerful technologies like blockchain in hand, which make the entire processes associated with the supply chain cycles simple and elegant. Thus, we could possibly manage those processes with free of hassles. Here is where the potential of the technology blockchain can be analyzed.

· Consumer demands: There is a constant evolution and update in the needs and requirements of the modern-day product consumers. As a result, the demands and trend set of the industry changes with time to time and it is actually the duty of the supply chain stakeholders to enrich the quality of the products accordingly. Nowadays, people are never ever ready to compromise any product in terms of quality as they are continuously demanding for the high-quality products every single day.

To be in line with this consumer trend, there is no way for the supply chains to escape; they need to cope up with those demands in order to have the product – a successful one in the market with a huge market value. Here is where the challenge with meeting the consumer demands come in.

· Food safety: Nowadays, the consumers are increasingly having health consciousness, which make them going out for checking the safety of the food products they consume. By the way, they make instant shifts with the product consumption towards the healthier ones out there in the market. Here is where the need for product safety emerges. Keeping up the safety and quality in the products being sold is the first priority for the consumers today when it comes to their diet balancing and health safety. The urge of the consumers in getting rid of the dangers with safety concerns is what actually the factor that has given rise to a most prominent challenge food safety. Yes! Every product needs to meet the safety standards imposed both from the governmental and the consumers’ side to come out as the complete product acquiring a lot of consumer trust.

· Traceability: Consumers want to have the complete details of the product right from its origin phase to the end consumption so as to ensure its quality with ease. The market is now being filled with products coming up with a lot of impurities and here is where the fraudulence issues seem to raise. This threatens the consumers very much when it comes to buying a product and consuming it.

Also, with the cost of the products keep on rising every single day, the consumers are very much interested in knowing the actual value of the products before buying them. Here comes the need for traceability, which is nothing but the process of tracing out the products’ origin. No product in the market could be successful without meeting the consumer traceability demands.

· Transparency: It is what actually the basic factor that defines the success of any product supply chain. Yes! It makes it the data transparent and to be open to all the participants of the network thus making the system ethical and error-free. 100% transparency is a must for any product to go global with high standards at ease.

· Sustainability: Only if a product satisfies all the expectations raised from the consumers’ side, it can have the enough sustainability to be in the market in a long run. Gaining trust is what that actually brings sustainability for a product in place. Hence it should pass all the required qualifications in order to be free from the sustainability issues that are about to rise.

The role of blockchain for meat industry in addressing out the supply chain challenges:

Meat supply chain blockchain, being the vital technology standing out to address the supply chain complexities and challenges is depicted to be the technology of the future. No matter what it means for effectual supply chain management, the supply chain enthusiasts find it a gift as it holds a lot of promising traits for the improvement of supply chain businesses going forward in today’s business economy.

Well; what actually is blockchain? It is a pioneering distributing ledger technology meant for recording the business transactions and the appropriate data in a public ledger. Whenever a transaction gets initiated and proceeded in a complex supply chain network, the blockchain works right away in recording and storing the information corresponding to the transaction safely in the ledger for future reference. Blockchain eases out the payment transactions as well when it comes to the product supply chain systems.

Closing thoughts:

Thanks to blockchain for its inevitable use cases in the supply chain industry! Yes, it offers power pact features for the welfare of the future supply chain systems thereby making the products stand strong in the industry. It reduces the cost of supply chain operations, yet helps in improving the efficiency. Thus, adopting out for a blockchain solution would obviously be the right choice for any food or meat supply chain venture right to attain its goals at the right time with enriched profit….

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