Tips to Care for Your Necklace

Posted by Aaeesha on February 8th, 2016

When you buy a necklace online, it is like making a lifetime investment. You should take many points into consideration when you buy a diamond necklace online. First, you should make sure that the e-jewelry store is genuine and that it offers authentic certified diamond jewelry. Next, you should make sure that the payment gateway is authentic and that your personal details will not be shared to others. Finally, you should check if the e-store has a reliable shipping department that will make sure your purchase reaches the right address at the right time. 

After spending so much time and effort to buy necklace online, it will be a loss if you don’t take proper care of it. If you regularly clean and maintain the necklace, you will be able to use it for years and also give it to your off springs or loved ones later on. Proper care and maintenance can make your jewelry last for years to come. Here are some tips to help you care for your diamond or gold necklace. 

When you buy a diamond necklace online, you should first check if all the stones are firmly fixed. Check if the prongs are holding the stone properly or if they are loose. In case that is the situation, then return the jewelry piece immediately and ask for a replacement. You should do the same when you buy gemstone jewelry. Now, if everything is fine and the necklace you buy online is of top quality, you should keep it in a safe place. Preferably store the necklace on a soft bed of cotton or cloth so that there are no scratches or marks on the jewelry piece. Next, make sure that it is not exposed to extreme temperatures. 

You should regularly take the diamond necklace out and check on the stones. Make sure they are not lose. In case there are any lose stones, immediately take it to a jewelry and have it fixed. Else, you may lose the diamond stones in the necklace. Over a period of time dust and grime can collect in the hollows and holes of the necklace. Don’t use sharp items to dig out the grime collected in the shallows of the design. 

While cleaning the diamond or gold necklace, don’t use any harsh chemicals or cleaning agents. Soak the jewelry in a mild soap solution for an hour or so. Use your fingers to gently dislodge the dirt and grime from the necklace. You can also use a soft bristle toothbrush to brush out all the collected dirt. While brushing, use gentle moments so that you don’t push the stones out of their settings.

After you’ve have thoroughly washed the necklace, rinse it in clean running water. Here, again, you should be very careful that the water force is not too much. Keep water running at a steady stream so that the grime is rinsed out, but the diamond stones are not washed out. After you’ve rinsed out the necklace, place it on a non-lint cloth or a tissue paper. Don’t use an ordinary towel or cloth piece as the lint may get stuck in the necklace. 

It is not just enough if you buy a good diamond necklace online, take proper care of it to keep it beautiful for years.

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