An Overview of Free Casino Games for Android

Posted by Melany Malot on February 8th, 2016

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google that is used in a wide range of mobile phones and tablets. Compared to iOS whose use is restricted to only Apple manufactured iPhones and iPads, Android compatible phones have flooded the cellphone market making it the most dominant operating system for smartphones in terms of its market share. Consequently, the number of Android casino games available for Android users eclipses the relatively limited selection available for rival mobile platforms. In fact, there are a far greater number of free casino games for Android than there are for the entire spectrum of iOS devices and Blackberry phones combined.

Unfortunately, the proliferation of Android casino games has also led to a dilution of quality. Many of the newer apps available are rushed into the market with extremely short development cycles with poorly designed user interfaces. The bug ridden nature of these apps further discourages any prospective players. This is why it is extremely important to go through user reviews or consult a website that maintains a catalogue of quality online gambling and betting games available for Android users.

It is worth noting that the player base of Android casino games has massively expanded over the past five years. The number of active players has multiplied while the number of people who have tried online gambling at least once has increased almost exponentially. This increase is partly attributable to the advances in net banking and wide scale use of smartphones but not entirely. To a large extent, this is a strong indicator of the availability of quality of Android gambling apps. Obviously, there are a fair number of terrible apps as mentioned above but there are also several notable high quality free apps that you can find with a little bit of research.

Even free casino games for Android come with a variety of features and games. The number of free apps coupled with their own unique list of games, features, user interfaces, discount schemes, joining offers, and so on is simply astonishing. Given the variety of apps available, you will have no difficulty in finding an app catering to your set of interests. However, finding such apps can be quite a hassle and an altogether time consuming affair. Make it a point to try out as many free apps as you can before shelling out money for a paid gambling app. Paid apps are often of a much higher quality than their free alternatives but keep in mind that there are several high quality free apps as well. In any case, you are not losing anything by downloading a free app so it’s worth a shot if nothing else.

It is easy to understand why free casino games for Android constitute some of the most downloaded apps in terms of absolute numbers. Online gambling and betting is one of the most engaging and entertaining ways to spend your idle time regardless of whether you are a casual player or an experienced one.

Resource Box – With Android being a popular operating system for smartphones, it is but natural that Android casino games are played by users across the world. However, before you start on free casino games for Android be sure to check on its qualitative aspect and user interface.

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