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Posted by Brian Miller on February 8th, 2016

It’s not an easy task to accommodate a family’s needs when building a new home on a narrow lot. It’s a duty for an expert builder who can develop ideal homes starting from narrow lot designs.    

Unfortunately, most families can’t afford buying wide properties, due to the increasing costs of land. The good news is that ingenious narrow lot designs created by architects and site surveyors succeed to include all the ordinary requirements of a family and comply with local building regulations. Acquiring adequate living space when the land is not very generous can be extremely challenging even for an expert. The main solution is to develop the construction upwardly, and eventually reduce the amount of outdoor space. However inconvenient this option might appear to be at first, you’ll be amazed to browse through impressively attractive narrow lot designs, or have a virtual tour of dream homes built on narrow lots.

A rather small piece of land doesn’t have to constrain the owner to go for a new building plan that doesn’t fully respond to all comfortable living requirements. Apart from personal comfort, it can be against local regulations to considerably reduce the normal size of outdoor space, or cutting off parts of a functional room. On the other hand, traditional home designs simply don’t fit narrow blocks. According to governmental regulations there must be an appreciable distance between one property and another, so that noise traveling is avoided and human rights for privacy are complied with.   

Building a narrow lot home is not a compromise, but an opportunity to attain an ideal house, when you get in touch with the right designers who specialize on house plans for rather small size lots. If you take your research online and you browse through photo galleries of narrow lot home plans you will be amazed by the multitude of possibilities. It takes an experienced architect and land surveyor to come up with a sturdy structure, an appealing design and enhance it with practical features.

Although building a narrow lot home may seem like a challenge, it is a common task for experienced home designers. They become very creative with the use of single or multiple stories. They are knowledgeable of several tricks that are often used to maximize living space. Moving the main living area to the second floor can create a lovely tree house feeling, which families with children love having, especially little ones. Rooms with four walls are not always necessary. Long sight lines give the impression of larger spaces. These details can be discussed in depth with narrow lot home designers.

So, take your documentation further and enjoy browsing through photo galleries of similar previous projects. You can find an architectural style that suits your preferences, and perfectly responds to your family’s accommodating needs. Contact top rated narrow lot home designers, as for free quotes, expert advice, and work together for attaining your living space comfort!

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