Find Effective Solutions for Building a Narrow Lot Home

Posted by Brian Miller on February 8th, 2016

Due to the fact that building a narrow lot home has become such a common option, there are plenty designs to choose from and solutions to maximize every inch of property. Get familiar with some of them!  

You have to be an expert to successfully fit a spacious and comfortable house into a narrow lot. Building regulations must be respected and solutions must be found to meet the requirements of accommodating a family. Most narrow lot designs exhibit two storey homes, as developing vertically always seems a good plan when restricted by land width. So, this is one of the most commonly used strategies to obtain comfortable accommodation features. Some narrow lot designs dedicate the lower floor to public functions such as living room, kitchen, dining room, guest room, or entertaining areas. Other times, narrow lot designs envision the master bedroom downstairs, and this way and extra room is added, leaving the possibility for the family to change its function in the future.

It’s quite important when you browse through narrow lot designs in order to find effective living space optimization solutions, to have one thing cleared out. That is for how long you intend to inhabit the house. If you plan to move in with your partner or family for a limited period of time you might not be interested in the prospect of expanding or converting rooms. If you plan to inhabit it for the long term, you have to look for versatile narrow lot designs. Those that leave some unused areas, especially dedicated for future expansion plans. Single storey as well as two storey home designs can be versatile and respond very well to a family’s need for space and comfort. The choice is also determined by the budget allocated and preferences. Most home designers are open to hear suggestions and customize a home plan to better suit client’s demands.

Two storey homes enable property owners to obtain sufficient spacious rooms, as well as a sizeable yard. Who would like to compromise to the detriment of outdoor space and get more indoor area, when both can be attained without much compromise? Expanding vertically enables property owners to reserve some space for the backyard. Young couples who are interested in making a profitable deal to meet their current accommodating requirements are also very content with single storey homes. Single storey homes are easier to maintain and use, they are cheaper, effective and comfortable. They usually include open space rooms, as you don’t always need rooms with four walls.

Another possibility that is popular among now home buyers is the covered patio or sunroom attached to the structure. Livable space is gained, without exceeding site boundaries, and its function can be changed over the years. There plenty more home design concepts to fit into narrow lots and it can be a very pleasant activity to browse through photo galleries and get informed potential solutions and alternatives. Good luck with your research and builder selection!

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