How to properly care for your black Kate Spade handbag

Posted by Lussoboutique on February 9th, 2016

You have always wanted a luxurious black Kate Spade handbag. In the past, the designer purse was always a little out of reach for your budget. However, you have worked hard, and now you have put together the funds to purchase the bag you have always dreamed of. Now that you have it, it is essential that you know how to properly take care of it.

After spending a decent amount of money on your new black Kate Spade handbag, you are almost afraid to even use it. You know from carrying handbags in the past that it does not take long for them to get dirty, worn out, or even rip. In order to make sure that your investment is protected for many years to come, there are a few simple steps for taking care of your new designer purse.

Before piling your purse full of your most important possessions, consider using a bag liner to store you things. There are plenty of styles and colors on the market that allow you to put everything you are carrying with you in an easy to organize container. These can be purchased in various sizes and shades so that you can find one that coordinates beautifully with your black Kate Spade handbag.

These liners are not only effective for storing your personal items; they also protect the inside of your purse. Instead of your pen writing on your bag or even stabbing through the material, it will be carefully kept right inside the liner. The same goes for any other items that may potentially cause damage to your more expensive purse.

Think about what you have on your hands before touching your purse. Whether it is dirt, perfume, or a hand cream, many of these can cause damage to your purse. There is alcohol in perfumes that can actually eat away the material used to create your black Kate Spade handbag. It is also important to carefully consider whether or not it is essential that you carry perfume and lotion in your bag.

Now that you have spent your hard-earned money on you designer bag, you want to be able to show it off. The problem is, the more you take it around with you, the higher the potential for damaging it. When you do carry your black Kate Spade handbag around with you, think about where you are putting it before you set it down.

You are used to setting your purse down in the shopping cart but have you ever gotten it stuck and had to pull it away from the wires? Doing this to a delicate designer bag can cause some serious harm. You may have also previously set your bag on the floor in a restaurant or in a public bathroom. Think twice and look for other places to put your purse to prevent it from being unknowingly damaged.

Water is quite possibly one of the most dangerous things that can touch your black Kate Spade handbag. Before heading out with your new purse in tow on a rainy day, reflect on whether or not it is worth the risk. You can possibly take out a different bag that day and save yourself the worry of getting it wet. Wet designer bags can easily discolor, warp, and dry out the material.

If you have decided that it is a must for you to take out your new bag even when it is raining, make sure that you use an approved water resistant protector on the outside of the bag. This will help and repel some of the unwanted wet matter. is an online shopping outlet that offers a wide variety of designer bags for purchase at discounted prices. The handbags come from a plethora of retailers, outlet stores, department stores, and overstock companies. Some of the popular brands this company carries include: Coach, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade, Nine West, Laurel Burch, and many more. Along with affordable and authentic handbags customers can also purchase wallets, jewelry, and various accessories. The bags found here are guaranteed to be 100% authentic. There is never a minimum order when purchasing from and all orders are shipped anywhere in the United States except for North Carolina for free. To learn more about the products available, visit


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