What to look for when you are on a tour Antwerpen

Posted by jfab67 on February 9th, 2016

Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium and is also the second largest harbour in Europe, after Rotterdam. A tour Antwerpen is an ideal holiday destination as it mixes the funky and the fashionable. Taking a rondleiding Antwerpen is a worthwhile experience and offers a contemporary view at Belgium. Antwerp is famous for the trade of diamonds and is one of the leading cities for fashion design in Europe. A guided tour will allow you to indulge in the beauty of the city in a planned manner.

One of the places to visit on a tour Antwerpen is the Grote Markt or the town square, which is well known for its 16th century architecture. Our Lady’s Cathedral is also an important destination; it holds two famous Reuben masterpieces. The Antwerp Castle is called Steen or Stone, because it is the first castle to be built with stone in its time. Another tourist attraction is the Meir. This is one of the busiest shopping streets. The Osterrieth House and the residence of the former king of Belgium are on this street. A rondleiding Antwerpen will ensure that you get to see all these fascinating attractions and other sights.

A tour Antwerpen of the city will allow you to explore the many galleries and museums the city is known for. A simple stroll through the streets is a unique experience as well. The streets are paved with stone and you will come across royal-looking mansions, ancient churches, boutiques, restaurants and cosy bars. The Royal Museum of Fine Art is worth paying a visit to. A rondleiding Antwerpen will show you how the city mixes the old and the new. As said, Antwerp is known for its diamonds and during your stay you can also see the Diamondland at Appelmansstraat, the city’s biggest showroom.

While going for a tour Antwerpen, it is a good choice to take a guided tour. It is a service which is organised by professionals and there is no wasting time in moving from one destination to another. The tours are comfortable and safe, done in such a way that you are at the right place at the right time. A rondleiding Antwerpen comes with transport so there is no hassle in reaching the notable sites. The trip is informative and the friendly guides will keep you entertained with legends and stories associated with all the important landmarks. You are not likely to get lost or face any inconvenience during a guided tour. These tours will highlight all the favourite spots as well as those that are hidden within the city.

A tour Antwerpen is a rewarding experience in a beautiful city which has so much to show. Antwerp is as gorgeous as it is exciting. A rondleiding Antwerp will not only offer you packages with discounts and sufficient transportation but will also save you time. These tours will enhance your experience by taking you everywhere you need to be, providing you with information, ensuring your safety and making the travel worthwhile.

You can experience beautiful Antwerp with a tour Antwerpen of the city. A rondleiding Antwerpen is ideal for a safe and informative experience in the city.

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