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Texas Holdem ? Learn Professional Poker Terms

Posted by nick_niesen on October 26th, 2010

Poker is one of the most popular table games in the world and Texas Hold?em is one of the most popular variations. In the last few years, poker games have increased in popularity and people who had never experienced playing poker before found themselves playing the game and enjoying it.

Well, the next step to enjoying poker is knowing what you?re doing and what you?re saying. Here are some of the most interesting poker terms out there:

Baby: a low-ranked card that is also referred to as a ?spoke when between ace and five

Berry patch: a game filled with unskilled players

Bone: a chip of small denomination

Cheese: a poor hand

Dirty stack: a stack of chips that has a chip of the wrong denomination mixed in

Dog: the underdog in a poker game

Donk or donkey: Epithet for an inexperienced, unskilled or foolish poker player

Down to the felt: all in or having lost all of one?s money

Family pot: a deal in which every seated player calls the opening bet

Float: to call a bet with an inferior hand, intending to bluff during a later betting round

Grinder: a player who earns a living making small profits over a long period of time

Hammer: to bet and raise aggressively

Here kitty kitty: a small bet made with a powerful hand intended to get a call from opponents who would fold to a normal sized bet

Hit and run: to play for a short time, win and leave

Hollywood: overacting to deceive opponents

Horse: a player backed financially by another

Jack it up: another term for raising

Jam: to open or raise the maximum amount allowed

Loose cannon: a player who is not afraid to put money in the pot and gambles a lot

Paint: the face cards in a deck or in Texas Hold?em, a flop can be called ?all paint?

Push: to put yourself all in

Rabbit hunt: to reveal the last card that would have come up in a community card game with a fixed number of cards when the hand has ended

Rags: worthless cards

Ram and jam: to aggressively bet, raise and reraise

Rock: a tight player

Rush: a number of wins in a row

Slow roll: to delay showing a hand at showdown, forcing other players to expose first

Speeding: to play very loose with no obvious pattern or strategy

Splash the pot: throwing chips into the pot and confusing opponents and dealers about the amount

Steam: to play recklessly when frustrated

Stuck: having lost money

Throwing a party: a player who is playing like a fool and throwing their money away is described this way

Wash: to mix the deck by spreading cards face down on the table and mixing them around

To learn more poker jargon, visit It will make your game more interesting and impress your friends and family.

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