These 5 Tips Will Help You Save Dollars On Using Propane for Home Heating

Posted by ThompsonGas on February 10th, 2016

Propane home heating devices can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs by up to 68 percent. A high-quality propane furnace can have an annual fuel utilization efficiency of 95 percent and above, and it can produce a consistent heat that is warmer than what electric heat pumps can produce. By switching to propane, you will no longer get that cold and drafty feeling typically felt by homeowners who rely on electric heat pumps. That said, while propane is a viable solution for lower heating bills, it needs to be used properly and efficiently. Consider these five tips to help you save money when using propane for home heating:

1. Sign up for a good propane delivery plan.

Reputable propane suppliers offer a 'never run out' guarantee to make sure that you have enough propane to last until your next scheduled delivery. In case they are unable to fulfill their duty, they should be able to provide an extra amount of gallons at no cost to you. Payment plans can make up your home's annual heating bills so you can easily set aside a budget for a consistent amount per month. Talk to your local propane provider for more information about that plans that they offer.

2. Go for a single cylinder.

One cylinder of propane is enough if you do not frequently use LPG. This is usually the case with residential customers who need gas only for cooking and for small space heaters.

3. Pay attention to your usage.

Observe how often you need to reorder propane your supplier by marking your calendar. Most suppliers can create a customized delivery plan for you. If you find yourself ordering more propane per month, consider increasing the size of your tank, changing suppliers, or re-evaluate your home heating requirements.

4. Have your propane appliances checked and serviced each year.

Hire a qualified contractor to make sure that everything is in perfect condition, is efficient, and is safe to use. There are reputable and seasoned propane suppliers that can provide servicing and repair, too, so be sure to check with your supplier. This can help you save money and time looking for a separate contractor.

5. Bundle up.

Cranking up the thermostat will cause your propane heating appliances to consume more fuel and work harder. You can minimize consumption and prolong the life of your heaters when you wear warm clothes indoors, so do not hesitate to wear a sweater, heavy socks, or cover yourself with a blanket while relaxing. Alternatively, you may program the thermostat to suit your normal routine. This way, the heater can automatically shut off when you do not need it, or it can automatically adjust itself to a lower temperature as needed.

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