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Posted by Melany Malot on February 10th, 2016

Iran is a magnificent country of proud citizens who love life. It is also one of the most resource rich countries in the world. Now that the sanctions against Iran have been lifted, it is now a great time to resume trades with the country. If you are looking to ship to Iran, this is just the right time to get started. For shipping to Iran, you will need local assistance and there are agencies that can help in this regard.

Iran has a great strategic location – it is almost in the middle of Asia and this means that the country is well connected to the rest of the continent. Iran’s location also makes it an important port country and the number of ports here bear testimony to this fact. Iran is rich in plenty of natural resources including crude petroleum, ethylene polymers, iron ore, refined petroleum and acyclic alcohols. Iran is also a top importer of cocoa beans, rice, soybean meals and wheat. As a result, it is one of the most lucrative countries to do business with. Iran is also excellently connected through air, road and rail and for shipping to Iran, you have the option to choose any of these routes mentioned here.

However, choosing the mode of transport is less important than actually working with the government agencies dealing with Iranian export and import. This is the reason you could face many bottlenecks when you intend to ship to Iran. The bureaucracies and the bottlenecks are not only as issue with Iran – go to any country in the world and you will face these issues. Iran has the 92nd most complex economy in the world and this tells you clearly that without expert local assistance, shipping to Iran could be a huge challenge for you.

To ship to Iran, you need an agency that has experience dealing in the Iranian market. It is best to choose an international agency because trading with Iran also means dealing with the laws of the other countries. When shipping to Iran, your consignments would pass through the customs agencies of other countries and you need to have a partner who can deal with the customs of these countries and not delay your shipments. Business today runs at breakneck speed and you cannot afford delays that are manageable. With an experienced agency that handles shipments to and from Iran using every possible route, such delays would be taken out of the equation and your BAU will not be affected. A reputed agency would help you in doing business with Middle East, Central and Eastern Asia, India, China, Russia, Europe, CIS Countries, Africa and USA.

To ship to Iran using different modes, you will need someone to chart out the best routes for you. And as mentioned above, you need someone to deal with the customs and their often difficult theories. Use one of the top agencies that deal with shipping to Iran and your business will only thrive. Choose one that has experience of nearly two decades.

Resource Box: Without expert assistance, you will find it difficult to ship to IranShipping to Iran is as complex as shipping to other countries and an international agency can only bail you out.

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