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Posted by Melany Malot on February 10th, 2016

Iran, despite all the international sanctions it has faced all these years, is one of the hottest business destinations in the world. Some people only consider Iran an oil and natural gas rich country, but those who deal with Iran know that not only it produces other products, but also has a high propensity to consume those products that it imports. With the sanctions against Iran now being lifted, shipping to Iran has suddenly gained immense prominence. With the help of a reliable Iranian shipping company, you can get started with your dealings with the Iranian companies and open up a new and huge channel of revenue.

If you need convincing about shipping to Iran, here are some stats about the country that should make you sit up and take notice.

60% of the Iranian economy is planned centrally.
The Tehran Stock Exchange has been one of the best performing stock exchange worldwide in the past decade.
Iran has 10% and 15% of the global oil and gas reserves respectively.
Iran ranks 18th worldwide in purchasing power parity and 29th in nominal GDP.
Iran is the 57th largest export economy in the world and the 92nd most complex economy.
In 2013, even when the sanctions were in full effect, the export and import values of Iran were .9 billion and .4 billion respectively.
The largest Iranian export destinations are China, India, Japan, South Korea and Turkey.

And so on… As you find out more about the Iranian economy, it is a given that you will not be less than excited.

Like it happens in most of the countries, shipping to Iran also has its challenges. Apart from the difference in culture and language, it is also the entry points of Iran that could prove challenging. The laws related to customs can often be difficult and as an outsider, you may not get the kind of favorable decisions that you would want.

But all these challenges can be easily overcome when you deal with an Iranian shipping company. Because this company is local, all those local matters can be easily resolved by them. A reputed shipping company in Iran will be able to address all your business-related dealings with Iran without you having to run from pillar to post. The kind of time and money you can save by choosing the right middleman is not a small amount and all this could transpire into huge business profits for your company.

Apart from handling all your challenges related to shipping to Iran, an Iranian shipping company can also advise you on the modes of transport that you should choose. Depending on the products that you intend to ship to and from Iran, you could choose roadways, railways, waterways and airways. Making the right choice can be difficult, but not when you have someone to advise you all the time and for a nominal service fee.

Therefore, if you are planning on shipping to Iran, it is an Iranian shipping company that you should sign up with.

Resource Box: Shipping to Iran will remain a challenge for outsiders even though the economic sanctions are now gone. Choose a reputed Iranian shipping company and all your troubles can be taken care of.

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