Getting your strategy right to ship to Bandar Abbas

Posted by melanymalot on February 10th, 2016

Iran is blessed in the sense that it is located between two of the largest water bodies in the world – Caspian Sea in the north and Persian Gulf in the south and south-west. As a result, trading through the sea routes to Iran is still considered among the best options for companies dealing with Iran. Iran is also one of those countries with better infrastructure than many neighboring and similar countries and it has proper road and air channels for trading. What is important for exporters and importers is that they identify the best routes to trade with Iran. For instance, you will need a different strategy to ship to Tehran than your strategy to ship to Bandar Abbas.

To ship to Tehran, you can choose all the possible routes. Tehran is located to the north of Iran and is excellently connected through its international airport, Imam Khomeini Airport. Imam Khomeini Airport is the largest and the most important airport in Iran and is one of the most popular trade channels of the country.

You can also ship to Tehran using roadways, especially if your shipment is travelling through Saudi Arabia and some of the other Gulf countries. The road infrastructure of Tehran is excellent (mostly) and shipments can travel to the city at a much faster pace compared to the rest of the country. As far as the sea route is concerned, Tehran doesn’t have a port of its own, but it has two major ports close by – Bandar Noshahr and Bandar Anzali and trading through both these ports is not hassling.

If you plan to ship to Bandar Abbas through the sea route, you are in luck because Bandar Abbas is one of the major ports of Iran. Strategically located on the Strait of Hormuz, Bandar Abbas has always been a major port – from the times of Darius the Great and later on during the Portuguese period and the Omani period. There are several ports in the southern parts of Iran and Bandar Abbas still remains one of the most prominent ones.

Bandar Abbas also has an international airport with facilities for handling large cargo aircraft. If you have perishable items to ship to Bandar Abbas, then the air route is the obvious first choice and the airport here has all the facilities that you may require for smooth shipping.

Whether you intend to ship to Tehran or ship to Bandar Abbas, it is important that you get your strategy right. You need to choose the correct form of shipment basis the type of goods you intend to ship to Iran. Moreover, there are the laws of the land and the customs department that needs to be handled. The best option for you is to partner with an experienced Iranian shipping company who can facilitate the movement of your goods. Your partner will not only let you know about the best mode of shipment, but also handle all the logistical matters on your behalf, making life much easier for you.

Resource Box: If you intend to ship to Tehran or ship to Bandar Abbas, you need an experienced partner to facilitate the actual movement of your goods into Iran.

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