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Posted by Melany Malot on February 10th, 2016

This is the perfect time for starting business with Iran. Iran is one of the most important countries in the Gulf region when it comes to doing business and thanks to the international sanctions now being lifted, there never was a better time to resume or start dealing with the Iranian companies and the Iranian consumers. One of the critical elements of doing business with Iran is choosing how your shipment will reach and enter the country. Iran has a proper infrastructure in place and if you decide to ship to Bandar Abbas or ship to Chabahar, you shouldn’t face issues.

But you will face issues irrespective of the mode of shipping you choose. Iran, like any other country, has its customs laws in place and as an international shipper, you will know how difficult it can be when you have to deal with customs. And in the case of Iran, we are talking about a different culture and a different language. The people of the country are still coming to terms with the lifting of the international sanctions and while dealing with Iran will become easier in the future, there are some bottlenecks that you will face at the moment.

Whether you ship to Bandar Abbas or ship to Chabahar, the worst thing that can happen to you is that your shipment is not allowed to land because some law has not been followed or some document has not been sent along with the shipment. What do you do know especially when your office is located thousands of miles away? There is any easy solution available though – you only need to choose a reliable local logistics partner who will help you with your shipment.

Typically, a logistics company is involved in the shipment of goods and some of them are not even bothered to check whether every documentation is in place or not. If you ship to Bandar Abbas or ship to Chabahar and your goods are not allowed to land, it is even better for the logistics company – the more delays happen, more is the amount they charge you. Hence, you need more than just a logistics company – you need a consultant who will take overall responsibility to ensure that your shipment is not delayed. Moreover, such a partner will also ensure that they are able to deal with the customs and the other authorities.

One of the big benefits of dealing with Iran is that you can choose your mode of shipment. There are excellent roadways that connect the country, both internally and externally. Iran is also properly connected through the air routes on all the directions. And most importantly, Iran has a large number of ports in case you intend to take the sea route for your shipment. Bandar Abbas and Chabahar are among the important ports in the southern part of the country and it makes all the sense to ship to Bandar Abbas or ship to Chabahar. An experienced logistics partner will facilitate the process for you.

Resource Box: Before you decide to ship to Bandar Abbas or ship to Chabahar, get your logistics partner in place.

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