Enjoy the benefits of shipping to Chabahar, the future of Iran shipping industry

Posted by BrianMiller on February 10th, 2016

Talking about Iran’s shipping industry let’s take a look at the future of ocean freight business - shipping to Chabahar. It a relatively new port and is attracting quite an impressive international attention and investments from other countries. It is being seen as the next best option to Bandar Abbas, which in spite of being the most important port, is about to be too saturated to make way for freight ships. Start your plans to ship to Chabahar and be a part of emerging opportunities and you may be able to enjoy a number of benefits of being one of the firsts to start shipping to the port of Chabahar. However, what you need to understand before anything else is the economic and political significance of Chabahar as a city and port city.

Ship to Chabahar – understand the economics of the port city
First of all, Chabahar is a free port or a Free Trade Industrial Zone which in itself is a reason to make the city so popular. In addition to this, being closes to the Indian Ocean, the port of Chabahar is Iran’s best link to the Central Asian countries including those situated to the north of the Indian Ocean, mainly Afghanistan. It also plays an important role in connecting the Central Asian and Afghanistan markets to the South Asia and Middle East countries. To ship to Chabahar, it is important that you understand the geopolitics of the port so that you are able to reap the benefits from the ongoing trade. And of course, with the development of the transit routes as planned the local economy will also prosper.

Shipping to Chabahar – international support and investments
Now, there are two ways to look at the developments taking place in Chabahar. First of all, Iran gets a better chance at bypassing any possible sanctions in the future and India, who is the main sponsor of the developmental projects undertaken in the port, will gain from tariff reduction and also an access to the natural resources in Iran and other Central Asian countries. Both of these scenarios spell positive vibes for the organizations planning to start shipping to Chabahar either as to start off their trade with the country or use the port as a transit route. The Chabahar port has huge potential for accommodating a large number of freight ships. There are also transit cooperation agreements ongoing between Iran and some other countries, which could benefit organizations in all of these countries.

If you wish to be a part of the future of shipping industry in Iran then shipping to Chabahar would definitely be a good way to get business started. While Chabahar is being prepared to take shipments to and from Central Asia and Afghanistan, investments to develop the port are pouring in from all quarters, especially from India, as already mentioned above. As an entrepreneur, if you are apprehensive and unsure of the how to go about it, then you can take the help of business consultants who will assist you in getting a ship to Chabahar or through it to another location. The cost of hiring a consultant is nothing in comparison to the benefits that await you.

To benefit from the transit facilities of Iran send a ship to Chabahar and enjoy the benefits of shipping to Chabahar port which is still in its nascent stage of development.

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