Manufacturing and supplying contact lenses using advanced technology

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The process of manufacturing lens is very complicated and hence skilled professionals should use special kinds of technologies to manufacture hi-tech lens. Lens are manufactured in following distinct stages:

  1. Designing of lens

  2. Formulating materials

  3. Optimization of mold design

  4. Prototyping and designing blisterpackage

  5. Validation services

  6. Auditing

Cast molding

To design lens, equipments such as cast molding machinery devices are used. To formulate materials several pre-mixed monomer blends are used. They also provide new contact lens material such as silicone hydrogel and CMA. The suppliers of contact lens should be well-experienced in the field of automation and machinery. In the process of manufacturing lens, the cast molding is an integral step because the lenses should be properly molded so that they can be easily fixed to the eyes of the patients. They should be closely associated with well-experienced automation industries so that the equipments that they buy should be durable and efficient. For proper cast molding contact lenses modern equipments and tools are used by a good lens manufacturer.

In the process of cast molding the manufacturers usually undertake turnkey projects and they are involved in the activities of installation, commissioning, and validation services. For efficient cast molding contact lenses, the manufacturer provides sub-contracts to other contractors.

Using advanced contact lens technology, manufacturers can manufacture lens of various types on the same lines such as aspheric, multifocal, spherical, toric, etc. They use different types of materials by proportionately using some quantity of water and silicone hydrogel. Using modern contact lens technology, even several lens modalities can also be used such as monthly, FRP, etc. To gain polymer stability, the method of thermal curing is used. To allow hydration at a given room temperature, a high cross-linked polymer process is used.

Two types of process flows are used namely wet process flow and dry process flow.

Lens supply

A good lens manufacturer usually is in contract with manufacturers who supply generic contact lenses or they distribute their lenses to the broker dealers. From the manufacturer, you can buy those lenses that are disposable daily and which consist of silicone hydrogel. From the manufacturer you can also avail contact lenses that are unhydrated, dry and the contact lenses that are used for color printing of cosmetics.

Today, worldwide, you can find a contact lens industry that undertakes all the tasks to manufacture lens from lens designing, cast molding to packaging and distributing it to the dealers. A contact lens industry may be involved in designing services and distribute the other jobs to the sub-contractors who undertake various turnkey projects.


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