Common Myths Associated with Affordability of an RV - Now Dispelled

Posted by justin copper on February 11th, 2016

RVers are perhaps the most envied breed in the world of adventure enthusiasts where people long for freedom and spontaneity. As a matter of fact, the easy lifestyle that RVers enjoy is often a distant dream for majority of non-RVers. One of the most common reasons cited for this is affordability. Most people hold back on the idea of buying or renting an RV as they think it would leave a burning hole in their pockets. On the contrary, RVing is perhaps the most affordable option available when planning a vacation to a distant destination.

Listed below are a few myths and the reality behind them that will certainly change your mindset about RVs. Take a look.

#1: Buying or Renting RVs Costs a Fortune

True. Most RVs cost in excess of 6 figures, and that is just enough to give your financial advisor a major jolt. However, the RVs we are talking about here are 40 foot long and fully customized. Unless you are a rockstar, who has the need for this type of luxury - there is no point shelling out a huge sum on these kinds of RVs. Go for a modest 20-25 foot long RV that will fall well within your price range.

#2: Hotel Stays are Way Cheaper than RVs

Whoever came up with this deduction mustn’t have been in the right state of mind. For starters, hotels charge you on a daily basis, and it is likely that you’d have to make a hefty payment towards decent accommodation. Yes, hotels are safe; but then again what’s the point of calling yourself an adventure enthusiast when you aren’t willing to come out of your comfort zone.

#3: Staying in an RV is Difficult

Living in an RV is all about exposing yourself to nature and exploring its limits in the most adventurous manner. Difficulty in staying shouldn’t come in your way, if you sign up for an adventure vacation. But then again, modern RVs are a significant improvement over their predecessors. They are equipped with possibly every kind of amenity that will make life easier even when you are on the go. Be it cooking, staying on the grid, or sleeping, modern RVs offer you all sorts of comforts and that too without requiring you to burden your pocket.

If calculations are made, you’d actually come across a realization that RVs are undoubtedly the best bet if you are an adventure enthusiast, who is looking for ways to cut down on vacation expenses. Be it renting or buying an RV, either ways you’d find yourself with more cash to spare at the end of your trip.

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Author’s Bio: The author of this post is a travel enthusiast, in addition to being a regular blogger. Here he explains a few myths about RVs that circulate in the minds of most non-RVers.
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