Are you thinking of having your nose pierced?

Posted by Aaeesha on February 11th, 2016

Body piercings are a fashion statement for many youngsters. It’s a way of showing their individuality and their unique sense of style. However, in India, nose piercing is a seen as a tradition and not as a fashion statement. It is believed that piercing the nose has many benefits. Many women also wear nose rings as a religious symbol. There were days when one had to go to the local jewelry store and order for a nose ring to be designed and crafted. These days, you can buy diamond nose pins online at incredible prices. So, many women prefer to buy a diamond nose pin at a less price online. 

Historical evidence shows that nose piercings were actually introduced in India by the Moghul emperors when they invaded the nation in the 16th century. There are various styles of traditional nose pin designs. It can be designed like a stud with a single diamond stone. You can also buy diamond nose pins online designed in floral shapes. However, these elaborate designs are preferred by people of a higher age group. There is another type of design that includes a stud and a chain. The stud is fitted over the nostril and a thin gold chain extends from the pin, which is looped over the ear. This style of nose pin can be a little uncomfortable and not suitable for everyday use. If you want to go for an ethnic dress up for celebrations and functions, you can accessorize with such intricately-designed nose pins. Nose pins can be worn on one or both the wings of the nose. 

It is also believed that there are many health benefits for women when they wear a nose pin. Ayurveda medicine mentions the benefits of wearing this accessory. It is preferable to wear the nose pin on the left nostril as it is thought that this region is associated with the female reproductive organs. They say that the pain during menstrual cycles and child birth is reduced when the nose pin is worn. So, generally women of marriageable age are encouraged to wear a nose pin. Some women even wear a nose ring, which is hung from the septum between the nostrils. 

It doesn’t matter whether you want to buy diamond nose pins online for fashion or tradition. When you check out online shopping sites, you will find plenty of styles and designs of nose pins and nose rings.  If you want to go for classic designs, choose pins designed in floral, swan and bird shapes. When you want to use a nose pin as a fashion accessory, there are so many options that you can choose from. Funky, flirty and classy nose pins are displayed online. These accessories are available in all sizes from a miniscule dot to huge designs. They are made of gold and are embedded with diamond stones. If you are thinking of having your nose pierced, you can get a diamond nose pin at low price online.

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