6 Common Questions Asked When Placing an Order for Custom Badges

Posted by dynamohi on February 11th, 2016

If you are looking to get custom school badges there are a number of questions you may need to be answered.
1. Is there a minimum number of badges you can order?
Most companies making custom badges do not have a minimum number for majority of their badge types. Depending on what you require, you can order for one to a hundred thousand pieces. For bar titles that are a new, you may be required to order a minimum of twenty-five pieces. Once the bar title that you have ordered is added to the company’s existing list you are allowed to order for less than the minimum amount. Embroidered and button badges usually have a minimum order of fifty pieces.
2. What metals are used in making badges?
Most companies make their badges from copper or brass. Depending on the application some companies will use casting alloy to cast badges before finishing in your plating choice.
3. What are the available finishes?
Usually, you will get badges with finishes in Antique, Black Nickel, Copper, Full Colour Plastic Insert Types, Gold, Matt or Satin and Nickel, or Silver, all having or lacking and dome epoxy coating.
4. How can one differentiate a lapel badge, a crested title bar, a title bar and a crested name bar? 
A title bar badge is one that specifically deals with clubs or school and has simple titles such as captain, librarian, secretary, president, and house leader. A crested name bar badge incorporates the company or school logo into individual badges with a difference in the text field on the different badges for example year, name, or year. A crested title bar badge incorporates your company or school graphic or logo as well as a caption or title that is standardized. These types of badges are manufactured specifically for one defined customer specification making them more cost effective when compared to crested name bar badges. A lapel badge is normally an identifier used in a school, club or company. They come in different designs, colors and shapes.
5. Are you required to make a deposit when placing an order? 
In most manufacturing companies, deposits are not required for government departments, schools, as well as established customers. However, all other customers are normally asked a 30% deposit upon confirming their orders.
6. How long does a typical order take to manufacture?
Once you have submitted a final approval of your badge layout and design; it will normally take approximately 4-5weeks for the order to be delivered. However if the manufacturer already has the badge design in stock, it can be delivered to you immediately.

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