Locksmith Wantage specialists and their Modern front door locks

Posted by jfab67 on February 11th, 2016

Did you know that there is no safe that cannot be broken into? That may be true, but it does not mean that you are totally helpless. One major problem you need a Locksmith Wantage or Thame expert to eliminate is that of cheap front door locks. These entry locks can be easily picked by some seasoned burglars and before you know it they will have traced where you keep your valuables or where your home safe is.

Thieves who break into homes do so very fast. They already have the expertise to force entry in minutes and this is why you need no regular cheap locks. Like most us you must be familiar with lock bumping techniques that are used by most burglars. Even less experienced thieves can use this method successfully. So you need to ask your Locksmith Thame or Wantage specialist to get you good quality front door locks.  Electronic entry locks or digital locks are great alternatives as they are more advanced and guarantee better security for your home. 

These sorts of modern entry smart locks are available in many different styles and shapes, and each offers its own benefits to the user.  While these have long been used by big corporations and industries, now they have made their way to residential properties as homeowners have valuable things in houses to protect. One great electronic lock system you can choose from a Locksmith Wantage shop is the fingerprint lock. 

Do you want to know why these are so unique? As you probably can guess, every human’s fingerprint is different and there is no thief who wants to leave theirs on your lock.  Also called biometric locks, fingerprint locks have a scanner that captures fingerprints and then enables entry when the person’s prints matches those stored in the database. There is definitely no hassle of carrying a key everywhere as you require just your finger to open the lock.

Next you have the remote control locks.  These are designed to work like any other remote control you have used previously and so they only need a press of a remote button to open. As all you need is to press a button, you can rest assured that remembering of special unlocking codes is unnecessary and that there is no sophisticated programming you need to do. As soon as you are near the door you can just press on a key-fob on your remote. This will send a signal to a receiver that is usually connected to the lock and then the door will unlock itself automatically.

If you do not end up choosing the above top security locks for your front door, then do not hesitate to check the push-button lock. This one is rather traditional yet it is a digital lock as well. This one requires recalling of a special code that is entered to open the door. This code will be set by your Locksmith Thame expert when they come to install your push-button lock. The code can have four to eight digits to be harder to guess and you need to remember it all the times.

With the prices decreased, and high level of effectiveness guaranteed, digital locks are surely the best security lock our Locksmith Wantage shop can provide. It does not matter whether you live in an urban or a suburban area, Locksmith Thame top quality locks are usable anywhere.

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