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Benefits of using quality galvanized steel kennels for domestic and commercial

Posted by BrianMiller on February 11th, 2016

While manufacturing galvanized steel kennels the emphasis is on quality and not on price for any reputed manufacturer. Maintaining a basic standard in their products is of primary importance. The right kind of steel, the process used for galvanizing it and then the follow-up procedure to ensure that the work is completely safe – all these factors are important in creating galvanized kennels that last longer. What naturally follows is that you save replacement or repair costs as well. A kennel made with care will give you years of service without any issues. So, be sure to get it from a manufacturer who delivers quality and top grade products.  

Quality assurance
Getting galvanized kennels from a leading manufacturer implies that you can expect nothing less than the best products at your disposal. All the products are manufactured domestically. Even the hot dip galvanization process is done following the accepted British norm. Using galvanized steel and ply prop plastic ensures their durability as well. Only the latest technology is used for manufacturing both kennels and catteries.

Galvanized steel kennels can be custom made according to specifications. Whether you are looking for kennel blocks, boxes, external boxes or kennel runs for commercial use, you will find it all with a one of the manufacturers at a location near you. They can stand the test of time and weather, both. A steel box section, mesh infill and a solid bar to the kennel’s run part creates the frame which is then hot dip galvanized. After this is done, a plastic coating is given to the housing part. It is built on a raised platform so that the cold from the ground doesn’t reach the kennel. Once you have purchased galvanized kennels from a good manufacturer you can be sure that you won’t need to think about another one for years to come.

Dogs and cats are very fond of chewing at the first thing they’ll get near them. You can’t train them not to, but what you can do is to make sure that they don’t chew off their own houses. Thanks to the steel backing for all the edges and corners and plastic sheeting on the roof and floor ensures both comfort and a chew-free zone. So, with these galvanized kennels you can be less worried about chewed-off edges kennels.

Kennels made from timber are less hygienic than galvanized steel kennels as the wood absorbs the smell and are a good breeding ground for infections. This problem has been answered with the help of plastic sheeting in the kennel’s housing area since plastic doesn’t absorb anything and it is also easy to clean with the help of the lift up lid. Apart from cleaning there is no need for any additional maintenance.

Whether you are getting galvanized steel kennels for domestic or commercial usage, you can be assured that these are completely maintenance free and easy to clean as well. Thanks to the plastic coating, your pets will not be able to either hurt themselves or your kennel system. All galvanized kennels are manufactured keeping their safety and comfort in mind. As a result these kennels can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Built slightly higher than the ground level, the kennels also ensure that your dogs remain warm during windy weather conditions.

There are many benefits of using galvanized steel kennels in comparison to timber kennels. So get galvanized kennels from a good manufacturer.

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