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The benefits of using galvanized steel kennels

Posted by BrianMiller on February 11th, 2016

When you contact some of the top kennel manufacturers in your area, you will find that they use a lot of galvanized steel kennels. As far as kennels are concerned, they can be manufactured using different materials, including wood. However, steel remains the most popular material for the manufacturing of kennels and these days, people prefer galvanized kennels rather than standard stainless steel kennels.

Galvanization is a process where a protective layer of zinc is applied on iron or steel, thus protecting these metals from rusting. The most common process of galvanization is hot dip galvanization. In this process the iron or steel is submerged into molten zinc. While there are many benefits of galvanization, there are two immediate advantages that can be seen.

The first advantage is that the layer of zinc prevents corrosion by not letting the corrosive substances reach the iron or steel part of a structure. The second advantage is that the layer of zinc works as a sacrificial anode and even if it scratched, the zinc will continue to protect the iron or steel.

Now why do you need galvanized steel kennels? The question to ask yourself is why not? While wooden kennels are still in use, would you really prefer them over steel kennels? Steel is, any day, more durable than wood (which is quite durable in itself). You should also consider steel because of the price factor – steel is cheaper than most wood types. If you compare apple to apple where the price of steel and the price of a type of wood is similar, steel always wins. Thus, why not galvanized kennels?

You may also ask – why galvanized steel kennels and not standard steel kennels? The answer has been given already. Galvanization is a process of protecting the steel and since the cost of galvanized steel is not much, why not use this extra advantage? When you keep a dog inside their kennel, they may feel tempted to chew on the kennel bars. If the kennel bars are rusted, the dog could easily fall sick. Galvanized kennels, on the other hand, don’t let the steel corrode, thus protecting the dog.

Pet owners are extremely touchy about how their pets are treated when left in kennels and hence, to be able to run your business, you simply have to make the best possible arrangements. With galvanized steel kennels, you offer the best accommodation options to pet dogs and cats. The top manufacturers of galvanized kennels ensure that they design their kennels in such a way that not only the pets are comfortable staying inside, but you also find it easy to manage the kennels.

So, the next time you are looking for kennels, make sure you look for galvanized steel kennels (if you haven’t done that already). These galvanized kennels are meant for the best kennels and catteries and considering the climate of the country, offer the perfect accommodation options. Since these kennels are not expensive, you shouldn’t need to worry about your budget.

Galvanized steel kennels are among the best kennels for all kinds of dogs. Not only are galvanized kennels durable, but they are safe for pets too.

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