How to clean the solid color quilts

Posted by hw on July 5th, 2021

People sleep for one-third of their lives, and if the quality of the solid color quilts used for sleep has quality problems or is not cleaned and maintained regularly, it will affect our sleep quality. At the same time, regular cleaning and maintenance of the lightweight solid color quilts can prolong the service life of the quilt and keep the quilt clean and tidy, which is also good for human health.


The first thing to do when washing the solid color quilts is to determine the material of the quilt. Different materials also have different cleaning methods. If the operation is improper, a solid quilt may be destroyed.


1. Solid cotton quilt: cotton can be dried but not washed.

Cotton solid color quilts can neither be washed nor dry-cleaned, because the solid quilt will not only become agglomerated and deteriorated, but also affect the warmth retention of the cotton quilt.


2. Cashmere quilt: can be dry cleaned but not washed.

If you are stained with dirt, you must choose dry cleaning when you are sure to clean it, and never wash it with water. Cashmere solid color quilts are similar to cashmere sweaters, they are easy to deform and shrink after washing.


3. Silk quilt: washing and dry cleaning will not work.

The silk quilt has a special material, so do not use washing, dry cleaning, chlorine bleaching, or ironing to remove stains. The correct way of washing is to wipe the stained part with a neutral detergent, and place it in a well-ventilated and cool place to air dry.


4. Chemical fiber solid color quilt: can be washed and dry cleaned.

Washing and dry cleaning are ok, but do not re-rub with detergent when washing, only wash gently. When drying, be sure to hold it in the sun and not hang it.


5. Duvet: can be washed but not dry cleaned.

It is generally not recommended to wash down duvets. If it is really necessary, it is recommended to wash with hand water instead of dry cleaning, because the dry cleaning syrup will affect the warmth retention of duvets and also make the fabric aging. Do not wring out, squeeze out the water, lay it flat or hang it to dry, and prohibit exposure to the sun.

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