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Posted by jfab67 on February 13th, 2016

When Wiltshire is dotted with downlands and rolling valleys it is obvious that the green landscape would be punctuated with picturesque cottages amidst sprawling barns. Thoroughbred competition horses, hunters or plain farm horses are found aplenty in the towns of Wiltshire like Chippenham and Lyneham. Tending to horses is not an easy task, especially if your horse regularly participates in events. Although these are natural grazers, yet to augment their growth certain food supplements become a necessity. If you are wondering what to feed your horse then seek advice from reliable pet food supplying stores. They will lead you to well-known brands in horse diet supplements like Allen & Page Horse feeds or Dodson & Horrell Horse feeds that keep your pet strong and sturdy.

Although forage forms the natural diet, equine nutrition stipulates that an extra dose of commercial feed provides the right amount of energy to your horse for performing a multitude of tasks. Before you choose a feed for your pony or stallion or mare, assess the activity level and the age of the horse. Does your horse suffer from any health issues? Once these basic details are worked out, you can form an idea about the nutrient requirements. Seek the advice of a well-known feed store to decide on your horse’s food supply. Popular brands like Dodson & Horrell Horse feedsare loaded with enough nutrients like vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and high-quality protein that ensure your pony gains weight in a controlled manner. All this goodness packed into muesli make for a good feed as horses prefer oats among cereals. Allen & Page Horse feed is a good choice if your horse is allergic to barley.

Different varieties of Allen & Page Horse feeds make sure that you get a good choice depending on what your pet’s actual needs are. The Power & Performance brand is essentially for horses that perform hard work. It contains a good dose of minerals, vitamins and electrolytes that provide the necessary energy and calories. If your pony is only meant for riding then a light mix of muesli fortified with vitamins can give it all the energy it requires. You do not need to soak the feed, just dampen it well and it is a ready-to-eat meal. The Dodson & Horrell Horse feed is easily digestible and builds up energy slowly. Do remember that over feeding your horse with high-energy feed can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Sometimes it does happen that your stallion gets overweight. Reducing portions of energy feed is not the right decision; instead, switch over to a low-energy feed. That way the nutritional requirement is not compromised with and your horse grows up healthy. It is wise to discuss these finer details with an equine nutritionist or you can approach a reputed animal feed store. Apart from stocking up on popular energy supplements like Dodson & Horrell Horse feeds and Allen & Page Horse feeds, they can guide you well in choosing the right diet. You can also share any specific health-related issue with them which will surely influence the choice of diet. Find a good store that can also be your advisor and your horses will be in good hands.

If your horses are meant to perform high energy demanding tasks it is necessary to boost their natural diet with good quality feed supplements.Dodson & Horrell Horse feeds and Allen & Page Horse feeds are popular brands preferred by most horse owners.

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