Benefits of using special services for the delivery of Waters HPLC column

Posted by Brian Miller on February 14th, 2016

Biotechnology companies seem to work in a different stratosphere where everyone else is barred from entering. Indeed, the jobs of the biotechnology firms are so specialized that without proper qualification, one cannot even get an entry into their premises. Because of the complexities of their jobs, the biotech companies also need special tools and equipment and these need their tools and equipment really fast. There are times when they need products like Waters HPLC column and Thermo HPLC column almost at a moment's notice and they suffer from logistical issues. The manufacturers of these products are always ready to supply but the main challenge lies with the logistics companies.

There are two immediate benefits that you get from choosing one of the specialized logistics partners for products like Waters HPLC column and Thermo HPLC column.

The first benefit is the time benefit. If you place your order by 12 noon PST, you can rest assured that your columns will reach you by 10:30 am on the next business day. For custom orders and backorders, the time taken is slightly more. But when you place your order, you come to know immediately when your columns will be delivered.

The second benefit is the cost benefit. Many of these logistics companies have local biotech companies as their clients. What they do is take orders from all these firms and aggregate them. When they negotiate with the manufacturers, they are, thus, able to get better deals, a part of which comes to you. These products like Waters HPLC column and Thermo HPLC column can be highly expensive and if you are able to save money on your purchase, there is no harm really.

Placing your orders for Waters HPLC column and Thermo HPLC column is fairly simple. The easiest way to place your order is through email – just write to your logistics partner and they will start the work of procuring these products and delivering them to your shipping address. The other options are phone and fax. It is up to you as to which mode of ordering you will use, but the bottom line is that you get your products at a discounted price and get the benefit of overnight shipping. The best of these companies always communicate with you and hence, if there are any delays (the chances of which are minimal), you will come to know immediately. You can then accordingly plan your work.

Your Waters HPLC column and Thermo HPLC column are of immense importance to your business and you cannot afford delays in shipment. If you go with a standard logistics company, the delays can happen. But these specialized logistics partners are well aware of your business reality and they offer their services accordingly. You may take time to identify one such reliable partner, but the fact of the matter is that you get the right solution, which is long term in nature. Once you deal with a particular logistics partner and are happy with their services, you can resume dealing with them.

Choose from the best logistics companies for overnight delivery of Waters HPLC column and Thermo HPLC column.

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