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Posted by Brian Miller on February 14th, 2016

Names like Benson Polymeric, GS-TEK, Higgins Analytical, Imtakt and Machery-Nagel may not mean much to the rest of the world, but these are some of the top manufacturers of columns used in the biotech industry. All these companies (and more) manufacture HPLC and GC columns without which the biotech industry will cease working. For instance, if your company has been working with Thermo HPLC column and Restek HPLC column, you need these products no matter what. Also important is the fact these columns need to reach you quickly so that your work is not stalled.

Both Thermo and Restek are among the top manufacturers of HPLC columns and they have their business spread across the world. Their vast network allows them to service biotechnology firms irrespective of where they are located. If your business is in the USA, you are in luck because the delivery time taken for these products to reach your premises is drastically reduced. But this doesn't happen just like that and the manufacturers have no role to play to ensure that their columns reach you on time. It is your logistics partner who is in charge of the delivery and it is their level of service that ensures timely delivery of your Thermo HPLC column and Restek HPLC column.

What is timely delivery according to you? Is overnight delivery a good option for you? To be honest, most of the logistics companies take at least two to three days for delivering HPLC and GC columns and other related products. Only a handful of these logistics companies are able to offer overnight delivery. But there is a caveat that you should be aware of. If you are in the US and your order is placed by 12 noon PST, then your Thermo HPLC column and Restek HPLC column will be at your shipping address by 10:30 am on the next business day. For backorder and custom orders, the time gap is more but you will be informed well in advance so that you can plan accordingly. This is the only caveat that you should be cognizant of.

There is another big benefit that you get by using some of these top logistics companies. Because these companies aggregate and place the orders in bulk, they get handsome discounts from the manufacturers. This simply means that when you order your Thermo HPLC column and Restek HPLC column, you not only get a discount but also have your shipment delivered overnight. With a big benefit like this, it only makes sense to partner with these logistics companies. Your work is getting done and you don’t need anything more. Yes, you may need to pay more for overnight delivery, but when the situation is critical, you really don’t want to think about that. And in any case, the cost of overnight delivery doesn’t make you hit the roof.

If you plan the delivery of your Thermo HPLC column and Restek HPLC column then you probably don’t need overnight delivery. But if there is a situation, help is available.

Overnight delivery of Thermo HPLC column and Restek HPLC column is totally possible when your logistics partner knows your business.

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