Some Questions You Might Want to Know Abot Termites

Posted by Amy on February 14th, 2016

Here are some questions that property owners often ask about termites when conducting termites control. Do you know the answers to these questions?

Q: How lots of different kinds of termites exist? A: Specialists have identified over 2600 species. Around 55 of those species exist in the U.S. There's only two main types that property owners ought to be concerned with: subterranean termites & drywood termites.

Q: How are they different? A: Termites are social insects. That means they live in colonies. The location of the colony is different depending on the type of termite. Subterranean termites live in underground colonies because they need more moisture to survive. To feed they tunnel to in to homes nearby. Drywood termites nest inside the structures they feed on. They depend on moisture from inside or nearby the structure to survive.

Q: How will I do know if my property has termites? &, if so, what kind? A: Subterranean termites may be detected when they swarm, usually in the spring, when some termites leave their nests to start more colonies. Subterranean termites may even be detected when their mud tubes are seen on walls or foundations. Both types of termites may leave weak, broken, or blistered wood. Drywood termites can leave wings or piles of what looks like sawdust on floors & windowsills.

Q: Is my home free of termites when none of these signs are present? A: No, because termites do their damage on the inside of the wood, which makes them hard to detect.

Q: What is the difference between flying ants & swarming termites? A: In the event you can catch, look at them up close. You'll notice that termites have straight antennae, where ant antennae are crooked. Another difference is that ants have a narrow waist & termites have a thick waist.

Q: I have heard that termites usually infest older buildings. Is that true? A: Termites have no preference for older buildings. They have been present in new buildings days after construction. Any structure that contains wood is a feasible buffet for termites.

Q: I have heard that termites are not much of an issue up north. Is that true? A: It is true that termites are more common in the southern two-thirds of the U.S., but lots of cities in the north are thought about moderately to heavily infested by termites. Termites inhabit every state except Alaska. There's more termites in Florida than in most other states.


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