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Posted by CraftVatika on February 15th, 2016

India is an exotic land with an enchanting history, full of mystery, poetry and spirituality. Anyone who has any ever explored India has returned with statuettes—likely, with one or more representing Krishna. These statues are typically bronze or brass, making them stunning decorative elements in any space. But these Krishna statues—which are now easy to order online—are more than just decorative. Did you know that the ideas behind Krishna statues are rich in depth and history? If you want to give your home a bohemian, well-traveled vibe, it’s time to buy a beautiful Krishna statue or two from an online shop specializing in Indian crafts.

Krishna is usually depicted with dark skin, either dark blue or brown. He is also often depicted as a little boy or as a young man with a flute. He is portrayed throughout Hinduism as a god-child, a prankster, a model love or a divine hero. He is an extraordinarily popular god of the Hindu faith and has been worshipped for centuries, from the ancient times through present-day India. In all of his representations, he signifies love and divine joy; he is the destroyer of all pain and sin. Thus, childlike representations or depictions of him as a jokester bespeak his power of instilling joy among his worshipers and admirers.

Krishna was born to establish the religion of love. When Krishna was born, it was predicted that he would be killed. However, he defeated all the demons that were sent to kill him, and he defeated the monstrous snake that was going to kill an entire village with its poison.

After saving the village, Krishna was brought up in a family of cowherds in which he developed a love of milkmaids, animals and caretakers. He wanted to teach his contemporaries the value of abandoning materialism and shame. He wanted them to live with abandon and would often play jokes on them—like stealing the milkmaid’s clothes or setting the cows free—to force their attention away from earthly materials, embarrassment and confinement. He is the messenger of peace, love and freedom.

You don’t have to go to India to buy a Krishna statue or statuette for your home because they are available online. These traditional Indian statues make fantastic presents, too. Anyone who has a love for culture and travel will appreciate such a gift.

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