Metal Recycling Sydney: Know The Benefits & How Can It Save The Planet

Posted by Metalforce on July 5th, 2021

Have you ever wondered where metal comes from? Like many other compounds, they come straight from the Earth, but their origins are not as simple as they seem. Mining has a negative impact on the planet, which is why metal recycling in Sydney is encouraged!

How Metal Affects The Environment

Metals come from ore, or deposits in the Earth’s crust made of one or more valuable minerals. For instance, gold, copper, and iron are some of the most common ore deposits used in various industries.

Unfortunately, extracting ores from rocks is a huge process that affects the environment is a negative way. It involves large amounts of energy, displacing over a million tons of dirt. Then, the ore is smelted or electrolysed, releasing pollutants into the air.

Overall, Mining For Metal Causes The Following:

  • Physical Disturbances

Mining sites are often left to suffer after the process, with open pits and rock disposal areas destroying the landscape. Even facilities such as offices, shops, and mills are demolished when the mine is closed, disturbing the surrounding habitat and harming millions of living organisms.

  • Soil, Water, And Air Contamination

If the metals are left in their chemical forms, they can start to seep into nearby bodies of water. These compounds can then be absorbed by plants and consumed by animals, harming their health in the long run.

  • Threats To Public Safety

Old mining sites are dangerous because they can collapse at any moment, threatening the safety of the inhabitants in the area.

  • Waste Generation

The process can also generate tons of waste, covering hundreds of hectares. For instance, tailing impoundments, leach piles, and slag piles can lay as tall as a hundred metres, left to collect dust over the years.

The Benefits Of Metal Recycling In Sydney

It’s no secret that mining is harmful to people and animals alike, and many are starting to urge the responsible recycling of metal. Fortunately, many recyclers have popped up over the years, lending a hand in saving the environment.

Here at Metal Force Recycling, for example, we can pay you cash in exchange for scrap metals. Most of these materials come from old, damaged, and junked cars, and you too can participate in:

Preserving Resources

Scrap metal is a continuous resource that can be reused whenever necessary, preserving the resources below the ground.

  • Reducing Emissions

Scrap metal recycling is significantly more efficient than traditional mining processes like extracting and refining. This helps reduce pollutants in the soil, air, and water, minimising the metals’ impacts on climate change.

  • Energy Conservation

Scrap metal recycling also requires less energy than traditional mining procedures. In fact, we can save more than 92% of energy on aluminium, 90% on copper, and 56% on steel. Recycling a single aluminium beverage will save enough energy to power a light bulb.

What are you waiting for? Get rid of your scrap metals now and help us find ways to save the Earth. You can give us a call at 0403191732 and we can discuss the prices for your scraps!

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