The Ways Of The Breast Enlargement Surgery in Singapore

Posted by breastenhancementsg on February 15th, 2016

Breast enlargement surgery in Singapore has many ways. Preoperative by patients who take or sitting upright, marked with gentian violet surgery on his chest incision and peeling skin range. Peeling should reach the lower bound of ruffling the following at 1cm under the breast. Inner circles are parasternal line, outside the anterior axillary line. Regardless of the size of breast implants taken, shall be stripped to the range, especially in the lower edge of the pectoralis major to the sixth rib and rectus fascia attachment separation. Otherwise it will affect the shape of the breast.

According to preoperative planning, along the direction of striae cut the skin and subcutaneous tissue armpit top surface of the deep fascia. 4cm long incision or side by side can be inserted into the index and middle fingers can be. Note: Do not cut the axillary fat pad, so as not to damage important structures axillary vessels and nerves. Inward stretch the skin incision to expose the pectoralis major outer edge. Here cut deep fascia, blunt dissection with a finger into the pectoralis major gap. Cut deep fascia to the attention away from here down the small arteries and nerves.

Under the pectoralis major lacuna is a potential loose connective tissue, which is very easy to peel almost no bleeding. But it alone can peel off the upper compartment of the fingers, and therefore needs to use special equipment to complete the lacuna release.

In the skin incision, subcutaneous tissue and deep fascia, can electric coagulation, but after stripping the pectoralis major gap without bleeding, also without filling (do not cotton waste left in the compartment). With a small gooseneck retractors lift the deep fascia incision, breast enlargement surgery in Singapore requires a certain skill when using a silicon gel liquid flow and the silicone rubber bag, if did properly can be completed in a short time.

On the second ways of breast enlargement surgery in Singapore is that in the periphery of the bottom of the areola do 3 to 4 cm long semi-circular incision, cut the skin, breast capsule, breast, and the milk ducts, deep fascia pectoralis major surface; breast below the ribs and chest big fascia separating between a nipple as the center, 10 ~ 12cm diameter circular cavities. And the folded-down air bag compartment breast implants, saline again empty capsule, so the air bag is inflated to the appropriate volume; and finally the incision.

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