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Posted by dynamohi on February 16th, 2016

Whenever you are planning to immigrate you must apply for a Visa. The Visa rules and regulations differ in every nation and hence the immigrant should be soundly knowledgeable about visa laws of their nation and emigrant nation. So, a service provider of visa provides information about visa process and visa terms. The terms and regulations of visa are complicated in U.S. If your fiancée is working in U.S, then you must understand the visa rules and regulations very clearly.

Applying for a fiancée visa

If you want to apply for a fiancée visa, then you must already be a U.S. citizen. Spouse Visa is provided to permanent residents of U.S, but it is not provided to fiancée visa holders. The fiancée visa can be obtained very easily and the applicant can receive such visa within four to six months. Such applicants are provided with K1 Visa. You must sign up for the visa at least a month before obtaining a visa.

Services provided by Visa offices

Such Visa offices provide different types of services such as providing K1 Fiancée Visa, CR-1 Spousal Visa, K-3 Visa, etc. Apart from Visa services, they also provide services such as status removal, petition child USA, petition parent, etc. They provide K1 fiancée visa to a couple who are into a relationship since at least 2 years. They provide advisory, preparatory and processing services to the clients. CR-1 Spousal visa is provided only to those couples who are legally married and only the U. S. Military personal is provided with visa for proxy marriage. But this law does not provide for polygamy. Such applicants should be vaccinated at the time of application. Such applicants can receive CR1 visa and receive permanent residency after a period of 2 years.

Adjustment of Status

Visa Adjustment of status is provided only to those citizens who are married to U.s, citizen and who are come to U.S. on any types of visas such as M-1, K-1, K-3, H-1, F-1, etc. So, you can get a green card after obtaining Visa adjustment of status.

Removing conditions

A person can receive this benefit that is emigrated to U.S. on K1 Visa, or CR-1 Visa. So, if you personally encounter a service provider of visa, you can know about the rules and regulations for removal. After the period of Conditional Permanent Visa is expired, then the period usually expires. Petitioning a child is usually applied to those people who wish to bring their children to U.S. to know about the rules and regulations deeply, and then you must meet a service provider.
The petition parent is provided to applicants who wish to bring their parents to U.S.

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