Best Methods for Promoting Your Job Vacancies

Posted by Uhura Sandon on February 16th, 2016

The growth and development of any company relies upon attracting the best talent. One of the best ways to attract talented job seekers is to create a well presented job description which lures people to your business.

A basic job description needs to include themain job details, remuneration, as well as the experience needed to complete the jobs responsibilities. This is the easy part. Remember also to provide some key visions of why your business is better to work for than other companies. Are you a company that is looking for new and fresh ideas? Do you strive for diversity in the workplace? Do you provide extra benefits to employees that others do not? Place these visions at the top of the job description to get talented staff thinking about why your company is better than others.

There are a number of ways that you can promote the job vacancies that you have available. To target talented job seekers searching for job vacancies in Australia or Americahere are some techniques that may make your recruitment process a little bit easier.

Make sure you don’t underestimate the potential of advertising your job vacancy among the employees of your own business. The people who are already working for you are already well adapted to your businesses environment and understand the expectations of your company. Sometimes the talent below your nose is often overlooked because they haven’t yet been given the opportunity that will make them shine. You can always begin by advertising throughyour own networksvia email, internal advertising posts or company notice boards. This process can save you thousands in complex recruitment processes.

Another great option is to look online for niche career websites or job boards. Big job websites that advertise every job in Australia or America often don’t attract the level oftalent engaged with the focused social networks provided by niche websites. There are a number of job websites around the world that link professionals in specific industries by maintaining a social network of employees in that industry. These focused job sites can then contact candidates with specific skill sets for employers.

Some job sites are also location specific, for example if a person wishes to browse for jobs in Sydney Australia, he or she will have to browse the job portals of Sydney Australia. Often the benefits of these sites include a more speedy response and tailored targeting of recruitment than the worldwide job boards.
You can also showcase your company at network and career seminars. Events like these help hiring departments communicate the aspirations of theirbusinessand give candidates a one on one opportunity with employers. If career seminars don’t occur in your area then consider providing a stall at industry specific conferences. This can get you right in front of rooms full of pre-qualified candidates. Last but not least is to consider joining the graduate recruitment drives targeting university campuses. Thefresh minds of graduates are often keen to impress and graduate employment programs are a great way to introduce new ideas and approaches to your business.

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