Abortion Pill and Ways to Use it for Ending Pregnancy

Posted by Joanna Lewis on February 16th, 2016

Abortion pill is medical procedure to end early pregnancy, which is up to 9 weeks. Mifepristone and Misoprostol are used in the regimen, which can be done at a clinic or home. Gestation period is counted after woman’s last periods first day. In some states, medication process is limited to 49 days of gestation, and some allow until 63 days of fetus age. Women more than 9 week pregnant can seek an in-clinic termination via surgical method (vacuum aspiration, dilation curettage etc.)

A person wishing to get her pregnancy terminated in early gestation can feel confident to buy abortion pill online, as it is very effective. It has proved to work 97 times in every 100 procedures. However, after the regimen, it is advisable the female must meet her healthcare provider to endure the procedure worked or not. As discussed medication means is successful most of the times, and its failure is quite unlikely. But, incase the medicines do not work; the woman has to undergo an aspiration termination instead.

Is Doctor’s Consultation Required before Abortion?

For many, meeting with doctor is not mandatory before pregnancy termination if they know how to appropriately utilize the tablets, are in good health, and follow the required dosage and precautions. But some may face emotional disturbance given the decision, and need counseling to better prepare for the process. In some states the medication may be available only on prescription, which makes appointment with physician a necessity.

Sometimes help and talk therapy with close ones and family can substitute for it. If the woman is not sure about her gestation age, then getting fetus ultrasound prior to the tablets intake is mandatory. Also, the person must get health checkup to know if she is not having extra-uterine pregnancy or other health complications, which go against safe use of abortion pills online.

How to Use Abortion Pill?

In the first step, the woman utilizes Mifepristone tablets. The product can be taken from a clinic, and used in home. The person may or may not be given few antibiotics along. In the second step, the individual takes the second medicine known as Misoprostol, which empties the uterus. The tablet is taken usually 24-48 hours from the first tablet. It is important the female understands how the medicine works and dosage of the same, with side effects and aftercare, before taking the pills.

What is Abortion Pill Dosage?

Usually, 3 tablets of Mifepristone are suitable for early pregnancy ending. Each pill is composed of 200mg strength, and taken together orally with assistance of water. The dose is commenced on first day of termination itself. After two to three days, the person then uses 4 tablets of Misoprostol by keeping these below the tongue. In the cavity, the tablets do melt on own without need of water. After half an hour, the female has to consume melted tabs orally. Each tablet is powered at 200mcg.

How Does Medical Pregnancy Termination Work?

Mifepristone functions by blocking progesterone hormone. Without this hormone, the uterus lining breaks so that the pregnancy discontinues. The fetus is ceased from blood supply and nutrition, being loosened from the endometrium lining. Thus, it does not develop further, and is not able to sustain life. With Misoprostol, the woman bleeds heavily and receives abdomen cramps because the pill causes the womb to get constant contractions.

The cramping lasts for get hours, and large blood clots are discharged, which consist of tissue and pregnancy particles with fetus remains. Thus, heavy bleeding and clots finally come out of womb carry the pregnancy parts, concluding termination process in 14 days, or even less. After the fetus sections are removed, the light bleeding happens for almost a month. Menses can begin normally within 4 to 6 weeks. Side effects can include slight headache, chills, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, tiredness etc.

Who can take Abortion Pills?

Women over 18 years of age and within 4 to 9 weeks gestation can usually take the medications terminating pregnancy, if they are in good health. Females over 12 week gestation or 35 years of age are recommended not to consume abortion pills. Teenagers or those under 18 may require parent’s consent or as allowed by the region’s jurisdiction and laws. The person must not breastfeed during the regimen or intake interacting drugs. Those with cardiac, kidney, liver problems or adrenal failure should not go for medical pregnancy termination.

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