How to convert PowerPoint to SCORM

Posted by Elvin Green on July 6th, 2021

Find the top 3 PowerPoint into SCORM converters :

  • Using PPTs is not just enough for your LMS; it will lose all interactivity; you need to convert it into the most suitable format. If you want to make your PPT deck accessible using a learning management platform, you’ll have to convert it from PowerPoint to SCORM.  
  • Converting your PowerPoint to SCORM files is the better option when you want to track all the types of interactions with the content as SCORM can also include multiple types of media, such as video and audio. One of the main benefits of converting PPT to SCORM is it enables you to track your learners’ activities and helps you to get all analytics and detailed reports. So, you must be wondering how to convert PPT to SCORM? You can use an authoring tool or PPT to SCORM converter for that. Let’s discuss these best PowerPoint to SCORM converters.  

Paradiso Composer :

  • Paradiso Composer is one of the best eLearning authoring tools that allow you to create an eLearning course for your LMS in just a few clicks. How to convert PowerPoint to SCORM using Paradiso Composer? Here is the step-by-step guide:
  1.  Download the free trial of  paradiso LMS 

   2. Go to the insert option and insert the PPT files into the  Paradiso composer 

   3. Create a new project and import all selected PPT files.  

   4. Now go to the file and select publish and click publish to the computer.  

   5. Select the SCROM version for your LMS and click Publish; you will receive a zip file.  

   6. Simply upload the ZIP file to the LMS.  

SCORM Hero :

  • SCORM hero is an easy and free tool where you can convert your SCORM file online. It comes up with course creation, course customization, quizzes, audio, and video converter. So here are the steps to use SCORM hero.  
  1. Go to the website of SCORM hero. Create a free account.  
  2. Click on the option ‘Choose a file, which allows you to upload your PPT file.  
  3. Choose the PPT file that you want to convert in SCORM.  
  4. After converting into SCORM format, SCORM hero will upload the resulting file.  
  5. Download the resulting zip file and save it on your computer.  
  6. Import the zip file into your LMS.  

iSpring :

  • One of the popular authoring toolsiSpring, comes up with innovative features that enhance eLearning courses with quizzes, interactivities, and all types of engaging content. How to create a SCORM file from PowerPoint using iSpring. Let’s look into the PPT to SCORM conversion process: 
  1. First and foremost, make sure you have a free trial of iSpring installed.  
  2. Open the presentation you want to convert to SCORM and go to the iSpring Suite; now click Publish.  
  3. Choose the LMS option to publish as a SCORM package.  
  4. Fill in the other details like location to save, project name, a SCORM version that your LMS supports.  
  5. Click publish, and you will get the SCORM presentation in a ZIP file.  
  6. Now, you can simply upload your ZIP file to the LMS and run the course in it.  

Epilogue :

  • There are various PPT to SCORM converts available in the market but we have selected the best tools that offer the best quality at affordable prices. Follow the steps mentioned above and quickly convert PPT to SCORM compliant elearning courses. 
  • If you are looking for a simple and easy-to-use eLearning authoring tool, try Paradiso Composer that not only offers versatile tools, incredible features but a seamless user experience. 

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