Get Rid Of Hard Water and Its Issues in Daily Life

Posted by PARTIK on February 17th, 2016

A water softener is a device that aims to significantly reduce the hardness of the water circulating in your plumbing system. To do this, it is usually connected to the mainline water supply, upstream of your health and your household appliances.

Lime deposits being the natural consequence of the presence of calcium and magnesium carbonates in the water, the water softener will treat the problem at the root by making a physicochemical transformation by the ion exchange process.

To put it simply, the water softener works with a resin that will hunt down and imprison momentarily calcium and magnesium ions (between two regenerations) as they will be replaced by sodium ions. However, these sodium ions are known to be one of the components of table salt. Also, the treated water is softened and at the same time enriched in sodium.

Advantages of Using Of a Water Softener in Caravan

Imagine how difficult it will be to drink hard water while you are in a tour. So, to prevent the harmful minerals entering the body, caravan water softener is recommended. Having water softener would be really advantageous because by reducing the calcium concentration, you lengthen the life and take care of your pipes, your boiler and all your appliances at the level of their resistance heating. Indeed, calcium deposits produced by hard water are increased by the rise in temperature, particularly from 60 ° C. You get a chance to spend more time away and less on the rinse aids, chemical softeners and detergents. Also, you do not have to undergo the pain of finding parts when you are in remote locations. Your kettles, hot water system and elements will last for a longer period of time.

Hard water: Why to stay away?

Very hard water therefore has many disadvantages as we have seen, but still want to look for softer water can turn against you. In terms of soft water with a salt water softener, through proper use of the device, there are no major risks for your home. However, this water cannot be considered potable, so it is recommend that you keep a cold water access point untreated (which is also compulsory in collective accommodation).

Imagine how it would feel to take a dip in swimming pool which has hard water. In such cases swimming pool water treatment is necessary to have the right amount of alkalinity in the water. This is not only soothing to body but also protects the skin from long term damage. Also, during swimming, water tends to enter our body. Hard water may cause several diseases later.

Especially that in consideration of its advantages, the water softener will inevitably increase your water consumption by its regeneration cycles. These can use up to 200 liters of water and literally rinse the resins of the device, when overloaded with calcium and magnesium ions, to ensure its effectiveness.

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