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Posted by nash john on February 17th, 2016

Are you still unable to train Invention skill? Level 80 in Smithing, Crafting, Divination will be needed to start training Invention skill. You will want to achieve this requirement if you want to train Invention skill. In fact, it is not that hard for you to achieve level 80 in this three skills. You will want to have enough RS gold in your bank to ensure you can gather enough necessary items. If you need RS gold, you can always buy rs3 gold cheap on RSorder. Also you can learn useful tips on how to unlock Invention skill.

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Achieve level 80 Divination

When it comes to Divination, you will want to do Guthixan Cache as much as you can for Divination training, it adds up, then with the bonuses you earn from it, do some quick training with it. It is best for you to have at least level 45 Divination before doing Caches, yet doing Caches pre-45 caches are still way better, especially if you find a good world and turn into an automaton.
When you have achieved around 72-73, you can consider doing quests with XP lamps (WGS, Fate of the Gods, TWW) to help speed things along.

Get level 80 Crafting

In order to ensure you can level up Crafting fast, you can consider making most jewelry which can be profitable and decent experience. As you can see, you just need a cut gem, a gold bar and the mould for whatever you're making (ring, amulet, etc). Bring it to any furnace and craft away. If you are in need of RS gold, you can consider cutting gems, glassblowing, making gold amulets, etc. Also you can buy RS gold cheap on RSorder with the coming of 50% off sale.

Reach level 80 Smithing

A super afkable method you can opt for is to use ingots in Artisan's Workshop in Falador. Iron I ingots are the cheapest at like 3gp/xp, however, it's pretty slow. It's really expensive but fast XP. If you have extra RS gold or money to spare, it is wise for you to use it on Smithing. If you need RS gold, you can buy RS gold cheap on RSorder. When you hit 68 level, you can consider doing mithril platebodies to 80. At late Smithing levels you start to make profit from Smithing doing some Rune items.

It is not a easy way to achieve level 80 in three skills in short time. If you need RS gold while training, you can always buy RS 3 gold cheap on RSorder. RSorder 50% off sale and RSorder up to off activity will be will available soon, just make sure to check out RSorder to get cheapest RS gold on RSorder.

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