Chartered Surveyors Brighton can be hired to perform Building Survey work

Posted by Brian Miller on February 18th, 2016

If you have accumulated enough money to purchase a house in cash or via a mortgage loan, there are procedures you need to know.  Buying a house entails many different professionals including the surveyors, realtors, developers, mortgagers and so on. To ensure the building’s structural integrity, you need a chartered surveyors Brighton professional who does their job properly.

But when do you need this type of professional? It is necessary to hire them when you want to purchase any type of a building you want to buy. When you are about to buy a structure that requires major alterations and renovation works, ask your surveyors Brighton specialist to come and conduct a Building Survey. This survey is set to examine all accessible parts of a building and may include specific areas of concern as long as you agree to pay the fee being requested.

If you have picked an older building among the listed properties, or have just stumbled upon a house that has undergone severe alterations in the past, chances are that you have many structural issues to unearth. This is where a professional chartered Surveyors Brighton pro comes in. In the end of the activity, you should receive a report detailing the following things. First it should disclose all the minor and major faults you may have found and interpret what each defect means with regard to the future of the building.

Next, it should show the potential cost of doing the repairs in future and the outcome of Damp Testing that is usually done on the property walls. As well the chartered surveyor’s report should indicate the status of the property as revealed by any Damp-Proofing work that may have been done in the past. In addition, the professional must comment on the status of the property insulation job, general condition of the drainage, and any technical details concerning the construction of the property including the kind of construction materials used.  

Among other things that must be featured in the report include details about the location of the building, possible repairing costs that might be needed and recommendations for other specific inspections you might be needed to do prior to buying your property. Note here that chartered surveyors do not concern themselves deeply with drainage tests and so you might need to ask them to include a detailed review in their fee.  If you want them to conduct valuation in addition to a Building Survey, just request it.

However, you should note that these surveyors Brighton experts do require an additional fee for valuation work.  In addition to a Building Survey report, you might need a HSV or Homebuyer Survey and Valuation work done. This will be important if you have an older building that is still in a good condition and do not require major changes or repairs. It is sort of a shallow report done concerning specified areas of a building. It is best requested when you are at peace with most sections of the building you want to offer for mortgage or to buy for your own uses.

As the top chartered surveyors Brighton offers, we can be called upon to assess the value and status of your property. This includes a residential house, commercial house, an industry or any other type of construction project you want our surveyors Brighton staffs to assist you with.

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