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Posted by Brian Miller on February 18th, 2016

A home investment is such an important project. It is also expensive and more dangerous if you are not careful with the professionals you deal with. Everyone in the housing industry wants to make some money out of property sales, purchases and rentals and so you need to ensure that you get value for your money. One thing is by hiring a chartered surveyors Brighton firm to work with you and you can do it online.

One of the main tasks they will come to do at your site is the chartered surveyor’s HSV survey. This is none other than the Homebuyer survey and Valuation (HSV). This is the standard survey that most property buyers find themselves doing. While at the back of their mind they know that a structural engineer Brighton expert might be necessary, they still go ahead and hire the HSV surveyor who is a bit cheap.  

The reason why this surveyor is less expensive is because their work is less complicated because it entails inspection of specific areas of a building. Those who suspect that their older building will require major changes might want to skip the HSV inspection and go straight to a Building Survey chartered surveyor.  All the same, if you think that the Homebuyer Survey and Valuation investigation will be fine just go for it. In the end, what you should expect to read in the report should entail the following.

First it will reveal the general condition or status of your property and this implies that the inspection is not specific and thorough on all areas.  In the report, you will view any major defects or faults that were detected by the hired chartered surveyors Brighton expert and are likely to have an effect on the current property price. In addition to the above, the comments will expose problems that need immediate intervention via further investigation by specialists prior to you signing the contract for the purchase of the asset.  

Furthermore, results of the damp testing that may have been done on walls of the asset will be revealed, and any identified damage to the timber that has been used to construct some parts of the building. The surveyor will show whether or not they found the timber rotting or affected by woodworms or some other bug.  The status of damp-proofing that may have been conducted to the property will be shown, insulation of the property and the general nature of the property drainage system.

A chartered surveyor does not test drainage systems in detail and so you might want to do further investigation via the help of the right expert.  With regard to the current value of the market, the surveyor would come up with their open market price. Another fine detail regards the approximated cost of reconstruction of the building if it ever caught fire, and this cost would be produced to help you obtain your building insurance.  So far you understand what HSV is all about and the importance of hiring chartered and structural engineer Brighton experts to assist you.

As a large organisation offering chartered surveyors Brighton services, you can trust that we will be there when you need us. Our structural engineer Brighton professional and any other surveyor just visit our website today and ask us for assistance.

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