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Welding Supplies in Brisbane ? Making Your Work Easier

Posted by eWelders on February 19th, 2016

A range of high-quality welding supplies, equipment and accessories ensure efficiency and safety. These also make the workflow simple and smooth. Brisbane offers several places to shop for welding supplies. Whether one is a professional welder or a hobbyist, one can visit shops and stores dealing in welding equipment and accessories for any requirement. One can even shop at one of the many online stores for welding supplies. These offer comfort and convenience of shopping from home or workplace, at all times of the day. Prices are often cheaper online and goods are delivered to one’s doorstep in all of Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Aside from the all-important welders and welding torches, some of the important welding supplies include the following.

•    Gases and Related Equipment: Proper welding gas equipment and welding gas accessories are a must for any workshop or serious hobbyist. Apart from controlling the flow, many of them are required for safe operation of gas cylinders. These include gas cylinders, gas outfits, regulators and flow meters, check valves, arrestors and various types of hoses and piping. Gases include CO2, Argon, their mixtures, oxygen, acetylene, propane, butane, etc.

•    Torch Attachments and Accessories: A welding workshop may have several kinds of torches for various requirements. These include torches for welding, metal cutting, oxyacetylene flame torches, etc. Each type of torch needs many attachments and related accessories. Some of these are cutting tips, welding and heating tips, flame cutting machines, hose fitting, adapters, repair kits, etc.

•    Filler Metals and Other Consumables: A substantial portion of a welder’s equipment is consumables like filler metals and gases. These include Filler metals like tungsten, electrodes, welding wires, silver brazing alloys like phos-flo, solders and brazing fluxes, torch brazing alloys, subarc fluxes, and many more

•    General Welding Accessories: Welding accessories are required to at various stages right from the preparation stage up till finishing. Commonly used welding accessories include welding chemicals, abrasives, wire wheels and brushes, cylinder carts and brackets, rod ovens and containers, fume extractors, and more

•    Tools and Hardware: Having the right tools can make a big difference in prepping and finishing the welding work. Common examples are wrenches, levels, chop saws, grinders, measuring equipment, and more

•    Safety and Protective Equipment: Safety should be the number one priority when welding. A range of supplies for safety and protection are available to make the process safe. These include welding curtains, screens and blankets, helmets, head and face protection gear, gloves and other protective clothing, etc. A workshop should also have appropriate first aid products readily available.

About the author:

Kym Morgan is the marketing director of eWelders.com.au, a leading online specialty welding site in Australia. They sell a massive range of MIG Welders, TIG Welders, ARC Welders, Inverter Welders, Multi-Purpose Welders, High Function TIG Welders, AC/DC TIG Inverters, Spot Welders and Engine Driven Welders in Australia. Their mission at eWelders.com.au is to gather Australia’s best range of welders and put them under one roof.

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