Home extensions or house renovations? Let an expert decide

Posted by jfab67 on February 19th, 2016

It often happens when you feel that the space available in your home is not enough. This mostly happens when you have kids and the size of your family expands. It can also happen when you have some extra money and you want a more comfortable living condition in your home. Whatever the reason be, home extensions, when done through an expert, can offer you just the right space without anyone taking up too much stress about the job. Extending your home doesn’t just mean expanding the size of it, but it could also mean only house renovations. If you let a professional builder consult you on this matter, the job will be done the way it should be done.

There are two ways you can go about the job of home extensions.

  1. The first way is a more elaborate job when the size of your home is extended on the sides. You will naturally have some empty space outside your home, space that is within your property. This empty space can be utilized to make your home larger. However, keep in mind that from the building regulators to the local council, there could be objections about this plan. You have to have a fool proof plan in place so that on one has anything to say regarding this matter. When your home is expanded sideways, more space will be added to it and you can easily accommodate your present larger family.
  1. The second way involves house renovations. In this case, you don’t need to expand your home on the sides. An expert will have a look at the interior layout of your home and suggest how the rooms can be renovated so that you have extra room. There are many things that can be done in this case. The loft can be converted into a spare bedroom or the garage can be converted to accommodate a work area or the kitchen can be remodelled in such a manner that you feel that you have more space in it. Even bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms can be renovated to give you that feel of extra space.

You will always have this confusion where you cannot make up your mind regarding whether you should opt for home extensions or house renovations. Why not let an expert tell you what should be done?

Let us be clear about the fact that home extensions cost more than house renovations. The former will definitely involve building work, work that is not inexpensive at all. The latter may be done by simply rearranging the stuff that is there, converting a loft into a bedroom could be just that. Or this could also include changing the interior of our kitchen and making it modular, thus offering you more space. Even your family will be happy to gather over food in the kitchen.

Whether it is home extensions or house renovations, get the right advice and work accordingly. Everything will go as planned in this case, including the cost.

Both home extensions and house renovations allow you to add space to your home. It is best to let an expert tell you what should be done.

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