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Posted by Brian Miller on February 20th, 2016

Pubbing is something we all enjoy, don’t we? But pubs are for drinking because most of us don’t really care for pub food. But if you are at Keswick, you will have a different experience altogether. There is this restaurant Keswick that serves pub food that is in a different order altogether. When you have pub food Keswick here in this place, you will realize that food in a pub can also be heavenly.

There are a few restaurants in Keswick and all of them have something different about them. This is not to say that you will enjoy the food served in all these establishments. Keswick really isn’t a place for gourmet food lovers. But there is this restaurant Keswick that will make you feel that it was worthwhile driving to this corner of the woods.

This place makes pub food Keswick seem like a gourmet menu. Indeed, all the food cooked here has a homely taste to it and yet you feel that you are into some form of fine dining. The taste of the food is further accentuated by the excellent drinks menu that you find here. You can sample some of the finest beers, ales, wines, ciders and lagers here. Each item in the drinks menu is carefully selected for discerning guests like you.

As far as the food menu in this restaurant Keswick is concerned, you will also be left delighted. For food, you can sit in the open deck area in the ground floor. Or you can experience some elegant dining in one of the restaurants located on the first and the second floors.

You find a wide assortment of items in the food menu of this restaurant Keswick. From Thai cutlet made of cod and prawn in the starters menu to beer battered onion rings in the side orders menu to warm ciabatta sandwiches with salad in the sandwiches menu to meat and seafood items in the main menu – you have something to eat any time you walk into this place. If you are not interested in non-vegetarian food, try out some items in the vegetarian menu that are equally appetizing.

See, you may have been wondering how special pub food Keswick can be and here you are, presented with a menu that is bound to get your taste buds tingling. And it is not just about the food here – the entire ambience of the place is stunningly old world. Elegance is the adjective that will come to your mind the moment you step inside this fantastic establishment. It is different and far better than anything you can experience in the nearby areas. And this is the reason you cannot afford to walk in without a prior reservation.

If you want to sample pub food Keswick with a difference, this is the place you ought to be in. While you can try out this restaurant Keswick any day of the week, a weekend here would make things extra special. You would simply love this place.

Not every place serves pub food Keswick like this place does. This place is more of a restaurant Keswick with a classic touch of pubbing.

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