Quartz Worktops: Reasons Why They have Become So Popular

Posted by jfab67 on February 21st, 2016

 In case you are looking for an affordable yet stylish kitchen worktop, you might get tempted seeing the wooden units. Well, it is unlikely that the wood veneer will sustain for very long. For that matter, a better solution could be quartz worktops. They come with a wide range of advantages at surprisingly reasonable prices. Quartz as you may know is one of the most significant minerals. It is second to feldspar. The word ‘quartz’ refers to ‘hard’. So, when looking for a durable material for your kitchen worktop you can consider quartz. It is likely to prove to be tougher and durable than any other.

Quartz countertops have been in the market for quite sometimes now. Today you can find a variety of colours to choose from, which was not available a few years back. From dark black to bright and classic colours like beige, white, cream to brown, all types of quartz countertops are sold today. However, when considering quartz countertops you should not only consider the colours as you should look into its making as well. Having flecks of metal incorporated in the material can produce a glittering effect to the quartz surface. Also, you can think of the mirror flecks. You can ask the manufacture to embed mirror flecks in the surface, so that it catches light easily.

With these textures and appearances your kitchen will look for stylish and elegant. Besides, it will increase the value of your property. Aside, quartz countertops can be maintained easily. This is true for the engineered quartz countertops that are resistant to abrasions. Not only that, they are resistant to oils and acids that are commonly found in the kitchen area. One can use just soap and water to clean the quartz surface. Wondering from where will you get these types of worktops? Well, there are both land-based and online companies offering quartz as well as wood worktops.

You just have to figure out the right one to install these at your home. Quartz countertops offer incredible colour, convenience, outstanding durability and unique effects. If you wish to decorate your kitchen, but you have a tight budget, then quartz surfaces can be a good option. When choosing a company, make sure that you get quotation for your quartz worktops. This will help you make the right deal.

Take quotation from at least five companies and compare them to see if they are charging you right amount or not. Don’t worry the quotations are for free. So, you can always ask. However, opt for kitchen quartz countertops that will match with your property’s design. It is better not to go by the latest trending style as that might not be suitable for you. Besides, the wall colour and tiles also matters when choosing a countertop. Ask for brochures from the company, so that you can make the best selection.

Do you want quartz worktops for your kitchen? Contact us as we provide both quartz and wood worktops at reasonable prices.

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