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Posted by michal1disuja on February 22nd, 2016

As of the present trend, the interior design of buildings is taken into more serious consideration than the external layout. The fact is that no one is quite interested in the exterior characteristics of a building. The interior is the place which distinguishes the offices, homes, schools, malls and cinemas from one another. The decoration of the interior shows the taste and wealth of the owner.

When you talk about the décor of the internal of a building, the main thing which defines the internal beauty is the upholstery used on the furniture present in the building. The furniture designers are working tenaciously with the fabric designers to come up with the designs that are a perfect match of the best design and the best upholstery.

Among the furniture of a place, the main things are the couches. Every day, new designs of Sofa and couched come into the market to decorate with all other furniture but it is a difficult task to get the one with perfect designing and upholstery. Today we will guide you a bit in choosing just the right kind of couch for your beautiful bedroom or classy Drawing room.

Talking of the upholstery of the couch, we generally look for 3 characteristics in the fabric to be used there

  1. The Fabric Should be Soft
  2. The Fabric Should be Durable
  3. The Fabric Should be graceful

One fiber which fulfills all these conditions is the leather fabric. Obtained from the hides of animals, this is one of the most used fabrics in upholstery. It gets more and softer with usage and has long service ages.

Another fabric used frequently is the cotton fabric. It is obtained by weaving the cotton. The tightly woven fabric has excellent qualities and durability. It is available in a number of prints and forms. It is better than many of the fabrics in touch and has a good performance but does not have that much life as of the synthetic fabrics. It is also wrinkle free.

Yet another option is the synthetic fibers like linen, acrylics and chenille. These are not obtained from the natural sources like cotton and leather but are made in the chemical plants by the process called polymerization. The fabric can be given any set of desirable qualities depending on the usage. The qualities are altered by altering the chemical components making them. These fabrics are fire proof and have very long lives. They may not be as comfortable as leather but have nearly the same shape and are equally graceful.

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