Who is watching Bigg Boss, and why are they not turning off the television?

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Bigg Boss is back for another season. Bigg Boss 13 began a season of broadcasted embarrassment, and now it's returning for a victory lap of poor judgment and a complete inability to refine viewers' television tastes. Come from a family where no piece of local broadcasting channel amusement is respected (except for Shaktimaan and CID, which are cool). Isn't that fantastic? I had no notion who Bigg Boss was for a long time. I'm well aware of the situation. It's a weekly reality show in which actors and average people get into routine fights. It's also the show that revolves around overpaid criminal/actor Salman Khan's appearances.

Of course, it draws a sizable crowd. I, on the other hand, am not aware of anyone who watches Bigg Boss. My friends aren't watching it, my neighbors aren't talking about it, and my mother isn't interested. Because of the location, I was beginning to believe that no one watches Bigg Boss (or at least the 10-mile radius around my friends and family). Perhaps it's because I don't watch any traditional television. Then it occurred to me that working part-time as a writer while getting my Master's degree in Literature would be a fantastic idea. As a result, I had to work for an entertainment website that specialized in Bollywood and Hindi television news. I was up for a puzzling transition from classic literature to soap operas during the most ironic months of my life. And everything I'd ever known about television was going to be flipped on its head!

My interactions with television news were sparse because I worked in the field of humor and satire. However, I just watched TV during my lunch hour at work. Because the Bigg Boss season was so popular, watching it during work hours was absolutely okay because, well, it was work. Because the part-timer didn't have much of a say, the show spent the most of its time on Bigg Boss and lunch. Here's all I've learnt about Bigg Boss and his adoring fans:

More than just billboards and brochures on city buses are part of Bigg Boss' marketing effort. In metro cars and sharing rickshaws, I've been attempting to filter out the constant chatter about what happened in last night's episode. So, while I have no idea who Siddharth Shukla and Asim Riaz are, you can bet they're battling on the most-watched reality program ever. When you look hard enough, you'll see them all over the place, staring at their phones and laptops, engaged in the most choreographed combat you'll ever see on TV. You can see a round of arguing in any show (including the ones I watched last year), and who says drama isn't fun? The majority of spectators are drawn to the idea of controversy, and the fact that there are celebrities up there alongside strangers from all walks of life is enough for them. It's just a BTS to them, a glimpse into their private lives, and they'll accept it no matter how staged it is.

The audience is crucial, according to someone with access to the data, and it comes from celebrities. The most ridiculous TV characters have the most fan bases, and their entire purpose appears to be to leave messages on their favorite actors' social media posts and express their opinions on message boards. They merely attend the exhibition to complete their agenda, and they do so in large numbers. Bigg Boss 13 now has a TRP of 34.4, making it television's second most-watched show. And if you have any notion how many people are watching television right now, you'll realize how significant this is. Audiences come from all over the world, including Indonesia, the Philippines, and Spain, to see the show. Korea and Canada in some areas. Find more info about Bigg Boss 15 Full Episode.

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